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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1193 by

Chapter 1193

This topic deeply hurt Avery.

“Elliot transferred all the shares to Adrian.”

Wesley was stunned for a moment and stated, “It’s good to transfer it to Adrian, then it’s fine to let Adrian transfer it back to Elliot.”

Avery said, “Henry and Cole will not Agreed. Adrian is in their household registration now.”

Wesley said objectively, “Avery, if you treat Adrian as a normal person, you won’t have such a headache. I see Adrian. There is no need for the father and son to be guardians at all. He can completely decide his own affairs. Just like Shea decided to donate blood to Robert at the beginning.”

Wesley’s words gave Avery great encouragement.

Adrian tried to digest what they said, “Avery, although I don’t know what I got, I can give it back to you. As long as you say it, I will listen to you.. I will only listen to you in the future.”

Adrian was transferred from Nathan to Henry. After experiencing them, he found that Avery was the best for him.

“Adrian, thank you. After the operation is successful, I will consider this matter carefully.” Avery was deeply moved.

After arriving at the hospital, they entered Shea’s ward.

Avery who made psychological preparations all the way, but when she saw Shea, she still burst into tears.

Shea was so thin that only a handful of bones remained. If it weren’t for the beating curve on the ECG next to her, she wouldn’t think that this was a living person at all.

“Avery, don’t cry. She has been suffering from illness for a long time. So when you told me that you couldn’t find Adrian, and that you might quarrel with Elliot about it, I told you to stop it for this reason. She wants to die because I refuse to give up her life.” Wesley’s voice trembled slightly, “I’m waiting for a miracle. What if there is a miracle?”

Adrian stared at Shea on the hospital bed and asked softly, “She is my sister?”

“Yes, she is Shea, your twin sister.” Wesley turned on his phone, found a photo of Shea before she got sick, and showed him, “Before she was ill, she was very cute, a bit like you.”

Adrian took Wesley’s phone and stared at the photo for a moment. An emotion that blood is thicker than water gradually spread to his whole body.

“Give her my kidney now.” Adrian returned the phone to Wesley and said.

“Are you sure you won’t take a break?”

Adrian shook his head.

Wesley’s voice was hoarse: “Okay, I’ll take you to go through the hospitalization procedures.”


At 7 a.m., a breaking news dominated the headlines of major news apps.

——Elliot resigned as CEO of Sterling Group and will no longer participate in any affairs of Sterling Group in the future.

Clicked on the news title, the text was almost the same as the title, and there was no extra content to add.

Generally the fewer words in news, the bigger the matter.

After seeing the news, netizens began to speculate boldly.

[In my opinion, Elliot has committed a serious matter, and he has been investigated by the above]

[What a serious thing it has to do to suddenly resign. The melon behind this must be very exciting. I don’t know if I can follow him and find out all the interest chains behind him]

[I searched for Elliot on the Internet and found that he has not appeared in public recently. Has he been arrested?]

[He must have been arrested a long time ago. If things are not checked out, he will not suddenly resign. He is only in his thirties this year. If he doesn’t break the law, he will be fine until he is seventy]

Foster family.

Elliot got up at 7 a.m. After watching his daughter go to school, he went to the dining room for breakfast. After drinking a cup of coffee, he turned on his phone.

4 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1193 by”

  1. Someone else like Mike could have transferred Adrian to Wesley. Avery should have immediately made contact with Elliot but her self righteous attitude and pride and foolishness won’t allow her. She is a profound Idiot including the writer.

    1. I totally agree with you. Above all, it’s the writer who’s an idiot for coming up with petty characters.

  2. Come on now, let us have some happiness in this novel. If the writer is still writing this novel tell him/her it is getting way to depressing. We need something good to happen. I look forward to reading this at night.

  3. Jennifer Valdez

    I really feel sorry for Elliot. It’s his misfortune to fall in love to a woman who would put him behind everyone else. She said she loves him but she never respected his feelings & would always think worse of him. She thought she can handle everything by lying & keeping things from him. She’s too stupid to not realize that she’s hurting him triple for her senseless actions. She was killing him instead of protecting him. I can totally understand Elliot’s friends’ hatred towards her. She’s a despicable woman! She only think and worry about herself since the beginning up until now. She is generous & to everyone but never to Elliot. His mentality is only getting worse…

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