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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1192 by

Chapter 1192

Moreover, the most critical thing right now is Shea’s surgery.

“Adrian, let’s go to Bridgedale to see your sister first.” Avery got into the driver’s seat and drove the car towards the airport.

On the way to the airport, she called Mrs. Cooper.

“Mrs. Cooper, I’m in a bit of a hurry. I’m going to Bridgedale now. The return date is uncertain.”

Mrs. Cooper: “Oh, what do you mean by uncertainty? Didn’t you promise Layla to take her to Bridgedale during the summer vacation?”

“It doesn’t matter. Mike will bring her to Bridgedale at that time.” Avery said.

“Oh…what’s the urgency for you? Layla will definitely ask when she came back from school.”

“There is an operation.” Avery froze for a moment, then said concisely.

“Okay, I get it. Go at ease. You don’t have to worry about the family affairs.”

Mrs. Cooper put down her phone and looked at Elliot sitting on the sofa with a heavy face.

“Sir, Avery…. “

Elliot interrupted Mrs. Cooper, “You don’t need to tell me about her. Wherever she goes is her freedom.”

Mrs. Cooper said sadly: “If she knows about you At home, she will definitely come back to see.”

“I don’t need her to see me.” Elliot got up from the sofa and strode upstairs.

Mrs. Cooper looked at his arrogant and cold back and sighed.

Mrs. Scarlet came over and asked, “Why does Avery want to go abroad? It’s not easy for Mr.Foster to come back, but Avery has to leave again. Shouldn’t the two of them have an appointment?”

Mrs. Cooper said, “Probably not. Avery said there was an operation abroad.”

Mrs. Scarlet, “Oh, when will she be back?”

“Avery said that the return date is uncertain.” Mrs. Cooper said here, suspiciously, “Could it be that the two of them really made an appointment not to meet? No matter what kind of surgery, there is always a time. How could she say that the return date is uncertain?”

“I have suffered for three children.”

“Hayden is okay. He is more self-reliant and has never accepted Elliot. So even if Avery breaks up with her husband, it will not affect Hayden.”

“Hey! I heard that something happened to Elliot’s company. I heard that Mr. Foster transferred the company to someone else.” Mrs. Scarlet asked.

Mrs. Cooper’s face changed greatly: “Why is this?”

Mrs. Scarlet said, “I don’t know. The two of them quarreled this time, probably because of this. Sterling Group is a big company, any changes in the top management will be announced, and I have seen the news recently.”


Avery took Adrian out of the airport and saw Wesley who was coming to pick him up.

When Wesley saw Adrian, he immediately said hello to him: “Hello Adrian, I’m Wesley and Avery’s good friend.”

Adrian shyly said, “Hello Wesley. Is my sister there with you?”

Wesley: “She’s in the hospital. You go to rest first and get rid of the jet lag. I’ll take you to see her when the rest is over.”

Adrian: “I want to see her now. Avery said she is the kindest person in the world. I hope she gets better.”

Wesley glanced at Avery and quickly compromised.

After the three got into the car, the car drove towards the hospital.

“Avery, what was Adrian’s state before the surgery?” Wesley asked curiously.

Avery recalled, “It’s a bit like Shea before, but he’s not as afraid of people as Shea. He has a very gentle personality, whether before or after the operation.”

“Well, if Shea didn’t have the experience as a child, she should be with Adrian.”

“Yeah! Is she still awake now?”

“She has very little time to be awake. And when she is awake, she is usually tortured by illness and is very painful.” When Wesley said this, he couldn’t bear it, so he changed the subject, “How could Henry be willing to hand over Adrian for you?”

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