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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1191 by

Chapter 1191

Avery took Adrian and strode out of the restaurant. At this moment, her cell phone rang. She sent Adrian to the car and sat down and took out her mobile phone.

The call was from Mike. He has now arrived at the restaurant she ordered, but he has not seen her.

“Mike, I’m outside now with Adrian. I’ve already ordered the dishes in advance. You can ask others to eat together.” Avery suppressed her grief and pretended to speak calmly.

“Are you with Adrian?”

His rhetorical question broke her mood instantly: “Elliot transferred all the shares to Adrian. All transferred. Mike, Elliot hates me. So he stings me in this way.”

Mike’s chest heaved up and down quickly, and his mind instantly turned into white light.

No wonder Ben Schaffer and Chad hate Avery so much. It turns out that Elliot made such an incredible decision.

For Elliot, this is tantamount to another su*cide.

Knowing that Elliot would be like this, Mike would never tell him about the relationship between Avery and Henry.

He was very annoyed and wanted to confess to Avery, but was afraid.

“Avery, I’m sorry. I found him a few days ago.” Mike had a headache.

“…I guessed it.” Avery was not surprised, but it has absolutely nothing to do with outsiders at this point. “Even if you don’t go to him, I will encounter this problem with him. My relationship with him which seems to be indestructible and is actually very fragile after quarreling again and again.”

Mike gasped sharply. “Then what should I do? Now that he has handed over all the shares. It means that Sterling Group has nothing to do with him. What will Elliot do in the future?”

Avery said, “I don’t know. Mike, I’m so sick right now. I don’t know what to do with Elliot in the future… Maybe he’ll never show up to me again. I thought Elliot’d come to me this week, But now it seems that he will probably not come to me.”

“Don’t cry. You take Adrian to Shea to operate as soon as possible. You and Elliot are already like this, now I can only pray for Shea’s operation to go well.” Mike tried his best to restrain his emotions.

“But I want to See Elliot first.” Avery burst into tears.

Mike sighed, “No one knows where Elliot is now. Chad and Ben Schaffer doesn’t know either… If he doesn’t come to you, you won’t find him at all. You’re not talking about Shea’s situation. Is it very dangerous? Go and save Shea first. If Shea is rescued, he will naturally understand that you are not the kind of person he imagined.”

Mike’s words made her regain some sense.

“Don’t worry, I will help you watch the two children.” Mike added.

“Yeah.” Avery said and hung up the phone.

A tissue appeared in front of her. She looked along the tissue and saw Adrian’s nervous face.

Adrian frowned and blamed himself, “Actually, I can probably understand what you said. My brother and cole treat me like a fool, thinking I don’t understand anything. They are not good people.”

“Well, they are using you.” Avery took the tissue and wiped away the tears on her face, “Adrian, you have a sister. Your sister is a very kind person like you. We need to Take a kidney from your body and transplant it into her body to see if it can save her life. Are you willing to save her?”

“I will. I will do whatever you ask me to do.” After a pause, Adrian continued, “I don’t want to live with my eldest brother in the future. Can you help me?”

Avery felt unspeakable bitterness. Of course she wanted to help him, but how could Henry and Cole let go?

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