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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1184 by

Chapter 1184

After more than an hour, Avery and Layla returned home. They bought a lot of saplings and flowers at the market.

The bodyguard opened the trunk and moved everything out of the car. Mrs. Cooper came out with Robert in her arms and glanced at it: “You bought so many flowers. It’s so beautiful.”

“I chose these flowers. The saplings were chosen by my mother.” Layla seemed to have forgotten the unhappiness in her heart, with a bright smile in her eyes she said, “Mom also bought fruit tree seedlings.”

“What fruit tree seedlings did you buy?” Mrs. Cooper asked.

“I bought a grapefruit tree, a jujube tree, and… Mom, what other trees are there?” Layla looked up at her mother.

“There are also peach and pear trees.” Avery added.

“Yes! Peach and pear trees. I like to eat peaches, So mom bought peach trees.” Layla excitedly picked up the bag of flowers on the ground, “I’m going to put them in a vase.”

“Layla, I put a lot of clean vases on the table, and you can see them when you enter the house. When you take the flowers, pay attention to the thorns! Don’t poke your hands.” Mrs. Cooper said to Layla.

“I know. I’ll be careful.” Layla entered the villa with flowers.

Avery was about to move the saplings to various open spaces in the yard. At this time, Mrs. Cooper said, “Avery, after you took Layla out, Elliot came back.”

“Elliot is back?” Avery caught the question The point is, “He’s left again?”

Mrs. Cooper said helplessly, “Yes. I persuaded him, but it didn’t work. But today he hugged Robert. And he was very distressed that Robert was bitten by a mosquito. He still loves the child.”

Avery said disappointedly, “Of course he loves the child. No matter how much hatred I have with him, the child does not offend him. Does he plan to do this every day and come back quietly when I go out? What if I don’t go out every day? Will he never come back for the rest of his life?”

Mrs. Cooper: “Today, he came back and hugged Robert. It is estimated that he came to see the child.”

“He made me seem like a dove occupying a magpie’s nest. If I wasn’t here, he wouldn’t have to hide outside.” Avery was very distressed, “When I plant these saplings, I will take the children back to my own house.”

Even if she concealed that she was wrong and was willing to apologize to him and admit her mistake.

Elliot escaped completely like this, not giving her a chance to speak, which made her feel cold.

“Avery, don’t do this. You wait…” Mrs. Cooper hurriedly persuaded her, “Give your husband some time. When he figures it out, he will definitely talk to you.”

“So does Chad. That’s what he said. He said that Elliot should give me the results next week.”

“Yes, you can wait until next week. Don’t move for now.” Mrs. Cooper glanced at the saplings on the ground and said, “I’ll get you tools and Layla will help to plant the trees.”

Sterling Group.

Lawyer Gordon sat in Ben Schaffer’s office and told Ben Schaffer about the matter, and Ben Schaffer’s face became extremely gloomy.

“Are you kidding me?” Ben Schaffer frowned.

Lawyer Gordon calmly said: “I’m actually quite busy. If it wasn’t for Elliot to come to me, I wouldn’t have to come here specially to tell you this.”

“Haha! It’s impossible! Elliot can’t give up what he holds All the shares!” Ben Schaffer angrily rebuked, “Even if Henry asked him for shares half a month ago, he only asked for one-third of the shares!”

“I can explain to you about this.” Lawyer Gordon was in no hurry and eloquently said, “Originally, Elliot asked me to transfer one-third of the shares he held to Cole, but Cole accidentally mentioned that he had negotiated with Avery to transfer the shares to Adrian.”

Ben Schaffer was shocked when he heard this.

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