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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1181 by

Chapter 1181

“Isn’t it scary enough to take my brother and me to find my brother without taking my father?” Layla looked sad, “Are you two going to divorce?”

“No. I haven’t gotten the certificate with your dad yet. If we separate, it’s just a breakup, not a divorce.” Avery took a tissue to wiped her daughter’s tears and said.

“Oh…isn’t that the same thing? Woohoo!” Layla listened to her Explanation and the tears flowed more fiercely.

Avery said softly, “Layla, don’t cry yet. Listen to your mother. No matter what your mother and father are, we will always love you as well as your brothers and sisters. Your mother will always be with you.”

“I don’t like the two of you arguing. But you two always quarrel.” Layla’s eyes filled with tears of grievance, and roared.

Avery didn’t know how to answer, so she fell silent.

After about a minute or two, Layla looked at Mom’s face and suddenly softened: “I’m sorry Mom. I shouldn’t be talking to you so loudly.”

“It’s okay. Mom and Dad aren’t good enough.”

“Mom, you have to stay with me, Robert and my brother, Hayden.” Layla hugged her mother and choked out the request.

In the evening, after coaxing the child to sleep, Avery dragged her tired body out of the child’s room. She strode towards the master bedroom, and after entering the room, she closed the door.

It can’t go on like this. Even if Shea and Adrian were not considered, Elliot’s leaving like this would have a great impact on the children.

She found Chad’s phone and dialed it.

“Chad, where is Elliot now? I want to see him.” Avery said calmly.

Chad said helplessly, “Avery, I’m sorry. I went to look for him today, but I couldn’t find him. I also asked Brother Ben, and Brother Ben didn’t know where Elliot was.”

Avery: “Elliot didn’t contact you and didsn’t care about the company?”

Chad frowned, “No. He’s never been like this before.”

Avery called out again. “Did he plan to keep running away like this? I already know that I was wrong. Even if he wanted to break up, I could cooperate with him.”

Chad said, “Don’t talk about it. It’s easier said than done when you two break up. Just wait patiently. I have a hunch it’s going to come out next week.”

Avery: “The result?”

Chad said firmly. “Yeah. He’s not the kind of guy who likes to procrastinate. No matter how serious the problem is between the two of you, he’s not going to keep procrastinating. Yes.”

“Hopefully.” Avery only asked him to give him a good time.

The next day.

Cole was woken up by the phone ringing. He picked up the phone in a daze and saw the unfamiliar number, so he hung up immediately and put down the phone. As a result, a few seconds after hanging up, his phone rang again.

He frowned and answered the phone angrily.

“Hello Mr. Cole, I’m Jeremiah Gordon. I was in charge of your grandmother’s inheritance before.” The Lawyer Gordon said.

Cole jumped and sat up.

“I remembered you. You and my uncle… have a good relationship with Elliot.”

Lawyer Gordon said, “I’m calling you today because it was indeed entrusted by Mr. Elliot. You see when It’s convenient, let’s meet and talk.”

Cole was excited and nervous, “I’m free now. Lawyer Gordon, can you tell me, what is the reason for Elliot to ask you to come to me?”

Lawyer Gordon hesitated for a moment, said bluntly: “Elliot asked me to talk to you about the transfer of his shares.”

Cole’s legs softened with excitement. He didn’t expect Avery to be so powerful.

How could Elliot lower his noble head so easily!

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