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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1176 by

Chapter 1176

This stern roar fell in Avery’s ears, and also in Chad’s ears outside the door.

Chad suddenly became angry, strode behind Mike, and twisted his back hard.

Mike endured the pain and immediately changed his words to Avery: “I mean you don’t have to wait for him here. What a waste of time! Which CEO would come to work so early?”

Avery was not convinced by his explanation.

The phrase ‘he won’t come’ kept echoing in Avery’s mind. Like a deflated balloon, she was drained of all her strength.

Mike easily pulled her out of the office and left the Sterling Group.

Avery was stuffed into the car, and Mike fastened her seat belt: “I’ll let someone drive your car away later.”

After Mike got into the driver’s seat, he immediately drove the car out.

Avery looked at the Sterling Group building that was gradually receding out of the window, and murmured, “Mike, you said he wouldn’t come, who told you?”

Seeing her in a trance, Mike had a headache.

If he tell her the truth, it will stimulate her deeper.

“I just guessed. Did you forget that I’m a man too?” Mike said, “Chad told me last night…”

“What did he say to you?” Avery couldn’t wait to interrupt him.

Mike looked at the road ahead with a guilty conscience and said, “He told me that you were looking for Elliot, but Elliot didn’t seem to be in a hurry. So he guessed that the two of you were quarreling again.”

Fortunately, Avery couldn’t see his face, otherwise she would definitely see his guilty conscience.

Avery: “I didn’t quarrel with him.”

“That’s why he quarreled with you.” Mike said, “The two of you must have had a conflict anyway. Otherwise, why would he?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t quarrel with him, why did he quarrel with me?” She was puzzled. “How do I know what he’s thinking when he avoids like this? He’s so weird this time.

“Strange. But you can’t wait in his office like this. Aren’t you afraid of his employees laughing at you?” Mike said, “If he wants to see you, you can naturally see him. If he doesn’t want to see you, you will never see him in his office.”

“How much hatred does it take to see me forever?” Avery murmured.

Mike comforted, “I just said casually, I don’t think he will see you forever. I think he will definitely see you tonight or in two days.”

“Send me home. I’ll go back to sleep.” Avery lowered her eyes slightly, Feeling exhausted.

“Okay. Don’t think about anything, maybe he’ll come back when you wake up.”

Avery guessed, “I feel like Elliot knew everything. Otherwise he wouldn’t be like this. He’s not a merciless person, and he won’t stop going home for a trivial matter.”

“If Elliot knew it, I would also know it. Avery, no matter what, you must prepare for the worst. When you are threatened, you should consider it. let him know, it’s not necessarily a bad thing.” Mike said calmly.

Avery said excitedly, “But Elliot has ignored me now. You really, Don’t you think it’s not necessarily a bad thing? I think things are so bad.” The latter words were stuck in his throat and could not be said.

Avery also intends to ask him for shares, and now it seems that she is delusional.

Avery actually thought that Elliot would give what she wanted from him.

Elliot is running away from her now, and the result has already been stated.

Thinking that Avery could not fulfill her promise to Henry, that Adrian and Shea would die one after another, and that she and Elliot might be irreparable, she was miserable.

She should listen. Whether it was Mike’s advice or Wesley’s advice, if she listened, neither she nor Elliot would have come this far.

It was totally wrong. Avery only considers what she has lost now.

In fact, the result is now good. At least for Elliot, it was good. He didn’t have to take out his company’s shares, and he didn’t have the impulse to kill Henry and his son. He was just angry with Avery alone, and even if he lost this relationship, he still had a decent life.

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  1. This is indeed cat and mouse game. How can a husband and wife find it difficult to communicate. Simple communication. You will make them misunderstand each other and then divorce and the cycle begins again till they reach 90years old. This is meant to be a book and not a soap opera.

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