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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1174 by

Chapter 1174

Elliot never speculates on Avery with the greatest malice. But Avery’s conversation with Henry was like stabbed him from behind.

Has she ever thought that Adrian is a human being? Although Adrian is pitiful, should she sacrifice him to save Adrian?

If Avery discussed with him first, got his consent, and then went to talk to Henry about the phone call, Elliot would never be so sad.

After Chad sent him to the hotel, he came out of the hotel.

It’s almost July, and the nights are getting warmer.

Chad was sweating shortly after he came out of the hotel. He got into the car and dialed Ben Schaffer.

The mood of Chad was deeply affected by Elliot, “Brother Ben, I don’t know what to do now. I feel like I’m unemployed.”

Ben Schaffer frowned: “Elliot fired you? What did you do wrong?”

Chad took a deep breath then said, “I don’t know. I don’t think I made a mistake but he just told me not to call him boss. If I don’t call him boss, what should I call him?”

“Then call him President Foster!” Ben Schaffer gave him advice.

Chad explained, “I called him Mr. Foster when I first joined the company. Once he was with the vice president, I called Mr. Foster, and they both looked at me together. Since then, I have called him Calling the boss. I’ve been calling for a few years. He won’t let me call tonight, what does he mean?”

Chad was one of the people around Elliot who knew him best. But he couldn’t guess what he was thinking now, let alone what he would do next. An unknown fear arises spontaneously in his heart.

“If you ask me, I don’t know.” Ben Schaffer pondered for a few seconds, “I went to him at noon, and he wouldn’t say anything. But it’s definitely related to Avery.”

“I know it has something to do with Avery. He doesn’t plan to go home tonight, nor does he want to contact Avery. He asked me to lie to Avery that he was very busy. If she really got into trouble with Avery, I wouldn’t Let me lie to him.” Chad looked dazed, “Brother Ben, I’ll just tell you about this, don’t tell me. He won’t let me tell.”

“Where is Elliot now?”

“He’s in the hotel. He said that he won’t go to the company tomorrow.”

Ben Schaffer’s breathing suddenly became heavy, “What’s wrong? They were all fine yesterday. Didn’t Avery just sprinkle a handful of dog food in the circle of friends?”

“Yes, I don’t understand either. But I can’t ask Avery, so don’t ask her either. If I ask, my lie will be no longer true.”

“Why don’t you ask Mike?” Ben Schaffer suggested, “Maybe he knows something.”

Chad said, “He moved out of Avery’s house. I’m sure he doesn’t know anything.”

Ben Schaffer said, “Then there’s nothing. Besides, we outsiders really can’t get involved in the affairs of the two of them. When did the two of them quarrel, didn’t they reconcile themselves?”

Chad was depressed, “But in the past, when the two of them quarreled, the boss could go to work normally. As long as the boss can go to work normally, I don’t think it will be a problem. It’s too big. The boss doesn’t plan to work this time. Does he want to stop his work for this company.”

Ben Schaffer said, “Then let him rest for a few days. It’s useless for us to be anxious. You go home first. We’ll talk about it tomorrow.”


The Foster family.

After Avery took a bath, she came out of the bathroom, walked to the bed, and picked up her mobile phone.

There were no messages and calls.

Elliot suddenly seemed to have news out of thin air from her world.

When Avery went out yesterday morning, Elliot also kissed her cheek.

Thinking that she called his number again, but still couldn’t get through.

His mobile phone is dead and the charger is broken, wouldn’t he borrow someone else’s charger to charge it?

If Elliot wants to charge his phone, he can charge it anytime. Even, he can change a new mobile phone to contact Avery at any time.

Are customers so important? Is work so important?

Her heart was clear like a mirror that Elliot just didn’t want to contact her, and he didn’t want to return home.

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