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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1172 by

Chapter 1172

“Oh, is your charger broken? I have a charger there, I’ll bring it to you…”

“No.” Elliot’s charger is not broken, he just doesn’t want to charge it.

His mobile phone was automatically turned off when he heard Avery’s call recording till the phone was out of power.

After listening to the recording all afternoon, he now only needs to think of keywords such as ‘Avery’, ‘Adrian’, ‘Henry’, and his heart hurts and disgusts.

Chad couldn’t help it, and he asked loudly, “Boss, what is the reason for you and Avery this time?”

“Don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask, don’t say what you shouldn’t say.” He raised his cold eyes and looked at him coldly.

Chad immediately shut up: “I see. Do you want to go home tonight? If you don’t go back, I’ll go buy you dinner now.”

Elliot: “I don’t think so.”

“If you don’t give her a Call back, I think she may come to the company to look for you later.” Chad reminded, “If you don’t neglect her so much, she will definitely think wildly.”

“It’s precisely because I don’t neglect her, so she always don’t care about my feelings.” Elliot eyes were cold, and his voice was even colder, “I was never afraid of making trouble with Henry before. But now, I’m tired.”

Not tired, but tired.

Thinking about being used from birth. Now that he has become famous. he thinks that he can dominate everything, that he has found true love and a destination, but he still cannot escape the end of being used.

Avery said more than once that he would never lie to him again, and Elliot believed it. Now the beautiful illusion is torn apart, revealing the ugly lie.

Elliot is really tired.

Chad had never seen Elliot so depressed.

When Elliot was angry, Chad had seen it, whether it was a rage or cold-blooded revenge, but he had never seen Elliot cry tiredly.

Chad especially wanted to know what happened between Elliot and Avery, but he knew very well that he couldn’t find the result if he asked again.

And what he said just now was very clear, don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask, don’t say what you shouldn’t say.

Chad not only couldn’t ask him what happened, but he couldn’t tell everything that happened now.

Foster family.

Avery and Layla are sitting at the dining table and having dinner.

“Mom, our house is so deserted.” Layla felt emotionally, “Uncle Mike is no longer living with us. My brother is not at home, and Dad is going to work again. Maybe he will work overtime every day in the future… A classmate told me that she can only see her father two or three times a month, because her father usually travels around for work.”

Avery: “Your father will not do this. Even if he works overtime, he will go home at night.”

“But if he comes back too late, I won’t see him. I go to school early in the morning, and he can’t see me.” Layla puffed out her cheeks, “My classmate said that her father had a woman outside, so she often Don’t go home.”

Avery was shocked by her daughter’s remarks.

“Layla, your dad isn’t that kind of person.”

Layla sniffed, “I don’t want dad to be like that either. I’ll be sad and you’ll be sad too. Brother will hate him even more. Then You call my father after dinner and ask him to come back early.”

Avery: “I have called your Uncle Chad, and when your father is not so busy, he will call me back. If he does not call I called back to show that he was on his way home.”

“Oh!” Layla felt relieved, “Mom, when are you going to see brother? I’m about to have summer vacation!”

Avery thought for a few seconds then said, “We can visit him anytime after your summer vacation.”

Layla put down her tableware and ran out of the dining room with a look of excitement.

Seeing that her daughter was so happy, Avery picked up the phone to see if Elliot had any reply.

As a result, still no.

Half an hour has passed since she called Chad.

It stands to reason that Chad should have conveyed what she said to Elliot, why did Elliot still not reply to her?

Whether it was a message or a phone call, as long as she didn’t receive a response from him for a second, she felt uneasy in her heart.

She dialed his number again, and the system beep was still heard.

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