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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1169 by

Chapter 1169

Elliot held the phone and looked straight at Chad.

“Boss, your phone is ringing, why didn’t you answer it?” Chad put his lunch on his desk and reminded with a smile.

Elliot’s expression was indifferent, and his voice was cold: “Go out.”

Chad immediately withdrew after realizing that he didn’t answer the phone because of himself.

Elliot answered the phone.

“Mr. Foster, the call recording you want has been sent to your mailbox, please check it.” A respectful voice came from the phone.

“Got it.” Elliot hung up the phone, entered the mailbox, and clicked on the new email.

At a glance, he saw a recent recording, which Avery had dialed to Henry.

Elliot turned on the recording, and the content of the call immediately spread in the office-

Avery: [Henry, I will give you what you want as soon as possible. Don’t hurt Adrian again. If you bully him again, I will let you get nothing. He is your relative, not mine! When he died, you buried him, not me.]

Henry: [When are you going to ask Elliot for equity? Give you some time.]

Avery: [Are you in such a hurry?]

Henry: [Do you know how to strike while the iron is hot? The longer this thing drags on, the worse it will be for us. Since you are unwilling to give time, let me set a time for you! How was the week? Just a week!]

Avery: [Good. This week, take good care of Adrian. If he has any mistakes, don’t even think about getting Elliot’s equity]


In an instant, the world went dark.

Elliot looked like someone had pressed the pause button. The body froze, the brain couldn’t think, and the eyes stared at the recording on the screen, as if to dig it out.

Avery wanted to give his shares to the person he hated the most for Adrian’s sake.

She knew that doing so would anger him, but she still agreed to Henry.

Elliot remembered the last time he asked her, which is more important between Adrian and him. She answered him important.

That’s what Avery said he was more important.

Elliot remembered the last time, and she asked him if he could give her everything? Including his company.

He wondered why he was specifically mentioning his company…now he understands. It turned out that Henry asked her for his company.

It turned out that she had already given birth to exchange his company for Adrian.

Does cloud ink match?

Not worthy.

Elliot’s eyes were scarlet, his fingers trembling, and he pressed the record and play button again.

He knew that listening to it again would only hurt more deeply, but he wanted to listen.

He wanted to make sure that he didn’t have hallucinations just now. He wanted to make sure that the voice in the recording was really Avery’s voice.

He even had to make sure that in Avery’s heart, Adrian was the most important thing.

After all, Avery always knew that his company was more than a money-making tool for Elliot. It is his relatives, friends, comrades-in-arms!

Without Sterling Group, there would be no Elliot today.

How could Avery agree to Henry’s request for Adrian?

She keeps saying that she loves him, is that how she loves him? Oh! no.

At 1 p.m., Avery drove back to Foster’s house.

“Avery, have you eaten lunch? If you haven’t, I’ll make it for you.” Mrs. Cooper smiled, “Are you going to the company in the afternoon? We’re going to vaccinate Robert today.”

Avery said, “Then I’ll take him to get vaccinated in the afternoon. I’m not very hungry, you should cook less.”

“Okay.” Mrs. Cooper immediately walked towards the kitchen.

Avery sat down on the sofa, turned on his mobile phone, and clicked on Whatsapp.

She added Cole back.

After successfully adding, she sent a message to Cole: I have basically settled with your father. But I have a request. If you can’t agree to this request, then don’t talk about anything.

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  1. I’m very interested in the book but I need many chapters released. I am tired of waiting. In the future I won’t allow myself to get sucked in to online reading books like this. I rather buy the book and read at my pace.

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