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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1164 by

Chapter 1164

It’s just that Elliot won’t lose his temper and question her like before. Since she couldn’t bear to tell him, what else did he have to ask.

“Baby, don’t be afraid, okay?” Avery planned to let go of Robert’s hand, “Go over to sister’s side, try it out, you will definitely be able to walk over.”

Robert’s face was full of fear, but he still bravely spread his arms, opened his little feet, hummed, and walked quickly towards Layla.

He was still walking erratically, feeling like he was going to fall at any moment, but he was brave. He walked up to Layla and hugged Layla tightly.

“Brother, you’re amazing. Go to mom’s place again.” Layla turned him around and asked him to walk towards Avery.

This time Robert was much braver than before. He seemed to know that he could not wrestle, so he quickly walked up to Avery.

“Elliot! Did you see that? Our son can walk.” Avery was immersed in the happiness of this moment, “Come and walk with Robert. I want to take a picture.”

Elliot immediately walked to her place and squatted down, letting the son went to Layla’s side.

Avery took the mobile phone and turned on the video function to record this warm picture. After filming the video, she showed it to Elliot.

“Did you find that you look so handsome when you smile?” Avery couldn’t help laughing, “Can I post the video on Facebook?”

At the same time, many people flatter Elliot.

Chad: [The boss seems to be getting younger and younger, this is the power of love.]

Mike: [Are you trying to say that your boss was quite old before?]

Ben Schaffer: [Elliot took the baby at home for a few days, and the whole person looks much kinder!] [Fantastic]

Chad: [Brother Ben, the word kindness is often used to describe the elderly.] [embarrassed]

Ben Schaffer: [You said he was old just now, what happened to him when I said he was kind?]

Chad: [I didn’t say it. That b*stard Mike said it!]

Ben Schaffer: [Is there any difference between what he said and what you said?] [Support cheeks]

Suddenly, Ben Schaffer saw that Gwen had liked this post. He immediately sent a message to Avery: [I seem to see that Gwen has liked you, how did you become friends with Gwen?]

Avery: [When you see her like me? It means you have also added her as a friend.]

Ben Schaffer: [She lived with me before, so she added me. But I plan to delete her.]

Avery: [Well. She is Elliot’s younger sister after all. If she has any trouble in the future, I can help her.]

Ben Schaffer: [Has she troubled you now?]

Avery: [No.]

Ben Schaffer: [If only you could persuade her to change jobs. If she goes on like this, she will definitely be in big trouble.]

Avery: [I talked to her about work, but she didn’t want to talk to me. She’s not a child, and I can’t force her to listen to me. Only take one step at a time.]

Ben Schaffer: [She doesn’t like me, probably because I treat her like a child.] [Laughing and crying]

Avery: [Maybe! She will understand your kindness later.]

Ben Schaffer:[It doesn’t matter if she understands or not. If Elliot doesn’t recognize her, I won’t be able to meet her in the future.]

Avery: [Well.]

After she sent a message to Ben Schaffer, she saw that Cole had liked her post.

Her calm heart suddenly aroused thousands of waves.

Cole liked her post to disgust her, or to remind her not to forget the problems between them? No matter what his intentions were, she didn’t want to see him lying on her friend list again.

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