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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1162 by

Chapter 1162

Avery’s vision suddenly blurred, and her heart clenched tightly. She pursed her lips, holding back her grief.

“Avery, why don’t you speak? Are you there?” Wesley heard her breathing a little dignified, and immediately changed his mouth, “It’s okay if there’s nothing you can do. Shea still doesn’t know that you found me. She also doesn’t know that she is not Elliot’s sister, more I don’t know that Adrian is her real brother. I don’t want her to know this.”

“Wesley, I really want to save Shea… I really want to save her. But Adrian is now hidden. It’s gone.” Avery wiped away her tears and said hoarsely, “I will continue to think of ways.”

“Do they want to ask you for money when they hide Adrian?” Wesley was keenly aware of the problem, ” How much do they want from you?”

If Wesley can get the money, he can give it.

Avery choked, “They didn’t ask me for money. I gave them all my property and they didn’t like it. What they want is only Elliot’s share.”

Wesley listened to her and said decisively, “Then give up. Come on! Avery, let’s end this matter! If Shea knew that Elliot was threatened, Shea would rather die than see such a situation. Besides, even if a kidney transplant is performed, will there be rejections later? The reaction is also uncertain. It’s unnecessary to take Elliot’s share to bet on an uncertain outcome.”

“Wesley, do you really think it’s unnecessary?” She couldn’t believe Wesley would say such a thing.

Wesley said transparently, “If they want all my property, of course I’m willing to gamble. But what they want is Elliot’s share. You don’t tell Elliot, because you know it will make Elliot very embarrassed. If that’s the case, then don’t use it. I tortured myself. Death is not as scary as we thought.”

Wesley continued, “There is a saying that is particularly good. Death is not the loss of life, but out of the limitation of time. Avery, you and Elliot live a good life and take care of your children. Don’t worry about Shea anymore.”

Avery smiled bitterly and said, “Wesley, you will always be like this, for fear that I will be embarrassed or wronged. It is my luck to meet you in this life.”

“I should say this. I will let you live a good life and hope that you can do more meaningful things in the future. Although Shea is pitiful, but she can have your love, and she is not pitiful. At least she herself has never felt pitiful.”

Listening to Wesley’s words, Avery’s tears fell again.


In the evening, Mike came to Foster’s house for dinner.

Avery installed pretended to be nonchalant and joking: “Didn’t you say you don’t like coming here?”

Mike said, “I’m here to see Layla. I asked Chad to come and eat together but Chad couldn’t agree. It can be seen how unattractive your husband is, so you treat him as a treasure. But for a person like him, you don’t have to worry about him fooling around outside.”

“I’ll take it as if you’re complimenting me.” Elliot said dully.

At this time, Layla suddenly stared at Avery’s face and asked with a look of surprise, “Mom, where have you been today?”

“Baby, why are you asking this suddenly?” Avery smirked.

Layla said smartly, “You put powder on your face. You don’t usually put powder on. Did you go on a date with dad during the day?”

Elliot listened to his daughter’s words and immediately looked at Avery’s face. He remembered well that she didn’t make up in the morning.

So when did she wipe the powder on her face? Who did she wipe it to see?

Everyone’s eyes fell on her face, and she blushed instantly: “Can’t I use powder? Are you so surprised? I passed a beauty store today and bought a bottle of concealer and a darker shade. because I don’t have any foundation at home.”

Her reason was immediately accepted by Elliot.

Avery continued.”The clerk took a sample for me to try on makeup, and I thought it was pretty good, so I bought it.”

Every word she said was true, except that she bought concealer and foundation to cover up the slap marks on her face.

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