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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1161 by

Chapter 1161

Cole’s eyes stared like copper bells, covered with red blood.

“Dad! Don’t give her Adrian. I’d rather die than let them get their wish.” Cole yelled.

Henry choked and said: “Cole…Where are you now? I’ll save you.”

“No! Don’t you come to save me! You look at Adrian. If Avery don’t give money, You must not give Adrian to her.” Cole stabbed his neck into the blade of the knife because of his violent struggle.

Bright red blood came out of the wound.

Avery looked at the overflowing blood, and the hand holding the dagger suddenly loosened a little.

Did I really dare to kill Cole? Did I really dare? She questioned herself countless times in her heart.

After giving the answer in her heart, her emotions collapsed. She can speak harsh words, but she doesn’t dare to kill at all.

As a doctor, she knew where a knife could easily kill Cole but she didn’t have the courage at all!

“Avery, if you have the ability, kill me. If you really kill me, then you and Elliot are a perfect match. Hahaha!” Cole laughed frantically.

Avery’s hand holding the knife trembled uncontrollably. And the look in Cole’s eyes is as if he could die at any time!

Avery didn’t expect him to be like this. Isn’t he afraid of death? Why is Cole suddenly not afraid?

“Don’t you dare? You say I’m timid, but I think it’s you.” Cole saw that her eyes were slack, and he squeezed her wrist that was holding the knife.

Her bones were pinched as if they were about to be shattered, and the knife in her hand suddenly fell to the ground, making a ‘bang’.

Cole sneered and slapped her face with a slap: “Want to kill me? Don’t even look at how much you weigh. Elliot just threatens me, what are you?”

Avery was stunned by the slap. A few seconds later, flames of anger ignited in her body. She bent over quickly, trying to pick up the dagger on the ground.

Cole kicked the dagger away. At this moment, the private room door opened and the waiter walked in.

“You two, hurry up. My boss is going to call the police.” The waiter said tremblingly, “You are making too much noise and scaring our guests away.”

Cole gave Avery a sarcastic and arrogant glance, then covered the wound on his neck with his hand and strode away.

Avery put the dagger in his bag, and at the same time took out a stack of cash and put it on the dining table.

When Avery came out of the restaurant, Cole was nowhere to be seen.

Avery’s plan failed!

Cole laughed at her for being timid, maybe she was too timid.

As long as Avery was a little cruel, she wouldn’t fall into such a dead end. She endured the burning pain in her cheek and got into the car.

She didn’t know where to go next. The feeling of despair struck again.

After some time, Avery’s cell phone rang. She glanced at the caller ID and answered the call immediately.

“Avery, can you bring Adrian to Bridgedale as soon as possible? Shea may not last long. Her attending doctor said that her body can only last for another month at most.” Wesley said sternly.

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  1. This is just dragging. Is this writer not tired. Why are you making Avery very foolish. Just tell Elliot already. How long will it take to finish this book or should I say soap opera. let me search for something else to read.

  2. Am tired of this book! The dragging is much! There are other interesting stories that are short! The writer of this book is busy dragging and making the stories boring

  3. If Elliot finds out that Cole slapped Avery… Thats the end of him right there! I’m sorry, Avery is being so stupid and foolish now. Get your husband involved!!! Who cares what else happens!

  4. I am just ready for the book to be done. i HATE waiting to read a chapter. When I read, I want to read. not wait around for a few more pages to appear. I read the first 1009 chapters in two days, now its a few pages a day. i will never start another book I can’t download the entire thing

    1. I agree !!! This is just dragging us along. This is the last time I’m reading a book from Facebook ads unless whole book is available.

  5. Ok I have been reading this book for along time I really enjoyed it at first but now it’s getting tiring she need to just tell her husband it’s stating to be stupid writer you have talent but come in stop dragging it out

  6. I uses to love this book it’s really starting to get boring with Avery trying to take Elliot life from him that he took years to build his company is his life. Just to save that man your husband is first if only she would let him handle it instead of the stupid crap she’s doing I can’t with this book .

  7. I enjoy the chapters and continued story. I would enjoy seeing lots more chapters, I do like to read a lot at once. A few hundred a day would be nice. Not to mention how short they are is even worse. But still want more please!

  8. Avery is annoying! The book started off great but its becoming aggravating! You have to wait day by day to read a few pages that is rushed, sloppy and still leave you hanging.This book has great potential but the story is dying down! I usually check on updates throughout the day for chapters but now.. i can wait

  9. Avery is too secretive and I don’t like the way Elliot is ignoring his sister , he is also allowing Avery think for him which is very bad

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