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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1160 by

Chapter 1160

Avery was sitting in the waiting area on the first floor of the hospital, her eyes were blank and she was shivering. It seems that she has entered a desperate situation, and she doesn’t know how to go. She didn’t want to tell Elliot, if she did, Elliot would really kill Henry and Cole. She doesn’t want to turn Elliot into a m-urderer. But if she doesn’t tell Elliot, she can only see Adrian and Shea die one after another.

After thinking about it, there is only one way.

After sitting in the hospital for a while, she dialed Cole’s number.

“Have you figured it out?” Cole answered the phone, expecting her reply.

“Let’s meet and talk! I’ll send you the location, come over as soon as possible.” Avery came out of the hospital quickly to meet Cole.

“You won’t set me up, right? Avery, let me tell you, Adrian is in our hands, If you do any tricks, Adrian will definitely die.” Cole said nervously.

“I know.” After Avery said, she hung up the phone.

40 minutes later, the two met in a private room at a restaurant near the hospital.

Cole cautiously surveyed the private room.

“What are you doing in the private room? There shouldn’t be people hiding in the private room, right?” Cole said, looking under the table.

Avery was laughed at by his timid behavior: “Cole, You’re obviously timid as a mouse but you want to do all the bad things. If you are a human being, you don’t have to worry about who will harm you.”

“You think you said this to me but can you change my mind? Have you ever heard a sentence called starvation to death for the cowardly but for the cowardly to persevere?” After sitting down in the chair, Cole picked up the kettle and poured himself a glass of water.

“Cole, do you remember the sweet words you said when you were chasing me?” Avery changed the subject lightly, “You said that you would always be good to me. Although it has passed, it is still very interesting. I miss you who was kind back then.”

Cole frowned and looked gloomy: “Avery, I beg you, don’t recall the past. Don’t you think it’s disgusting to say these things? I’m disgusting, and you are disgusting too. “

“Well, we are all disgusting.” Avery’s hand, under the table, reached into the bag, “then who don’t you think is disgusting?”

“All disgusting! Elliot, my dad and My grandma, they are all bad people.” Cole gritted his teeth and became emotional, “Only my mother is not disgusting, but my mother was killed by Elliot.”

“I think, you may need to see a psychiatrist in your situation.” Holding the phone, Avery calmly got up from the chair and walked towards Cole, “Let me recommend a doctor for you. This doctor may be helpful to you.”

“I don’t need it.” Cole protested, “It’s not me but this perverted society.”

“Really?” Avery walked behind Cole and put the dagger against his neck.

After the cold blade touched his skin, his body suddenly froze.

“Avery! What are you doing?” Cole panicked, his voice trembling.

“What do you think?” Before coming to the restaurant, Avery went to the nearby supermarket to buy this dagger.

Allow Henry and his son to threaten her with Adrian’s life, and she can also treat her in her own way.

“Cole, don’t move. If you struggle and resist, I won’t show mercy.” Avery said, and dialed Henry.

Henry quickly answered the phone.

“Henry, your son is in my hands now. If you don’t want to lose your son in old age, then you can use cloud ink in exchange for your son’s life. Before 6 p.m, If I haven’t seen Adrian, just wait and collect your son’s body.” Avery said coldly, word by word.

Henry was stunned. He didn’t expect Avery to do such an incredible thing. And the fear in Cole’s body turned into humiliation in an instant. He actually fell into Avery’s hands. If the father compromises, then the father and son will have no bargaining chip. Although he is greedy for life and fears death, and is as timid as a mouse, the poor life is not acceptable to him.

So Cole grabbed Avery’s hand: “You killed me. You came to kill me!”

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