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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1159 by

Chapter 1159

“Why didn’t you knock on the door when you came in?” Avery complained.

Mike scratched his head then said, “I knocked the door but you didn’t hear it. What happened? you quarreled with Elliot? It shouldn’t be. Haven’t you two been doing well recently?”

“Talk to him. It doesn’t matter.” Avery took a few tissues from the tissue box and wiped away the tears on her face, “I just saw a social news, a middle-aged man with disabled legs, set up a stall on the side of the road, repairing shoes, Sending his daughter to school… Every time I see news like this, I think of my mother and feel heartache for the people at the bottom.”

“Really!” Mike pointed to her clasped hand, “What are you holding in your hand, show me. If you don’t show me, I won’t believe what you said.”

Avery quickly adjusted her mood and said, “What effect does it have on me if you don’t believe it? Whay did you come to see me for?”

“Hey, you’re saying this too much. I heard that you came to the company and I came to see you. And we don’t live together anymore. I haven’t seen each other for several days.” Mike slumped down in the chair opposite her, “Although you invited me to Elliot’s house for a meal. I really don’t want to go to his house.”

“After that, we will meet outside once a week.” Avery Give a solution.

Mike: “Okay! But you haven’t told me what happened. If you let Elliot know…”

Avery looked at him seriously, “Don’t threaten me. You’re not allowed to talk to anyone about what happened just now.”

“It’s okay, I don’t say it. Then you at least tell me a little bit, Otherwise, how much should I worry? Avery, you can’t only think about yourself and not my feelings.” Mike replied with the same seriousness, “If you were me, could you ignore me?”

Avery choked, “Henry and his son threatened me with cloud ink and asked me to go to Elliot to ask for share.”

Mike said excitedly, “D*mn it! I knew that was the case. The father and son looked like dogs but they were actually more rogues than rogues. The last person who gave me this feeling was Charlie Tierney.

“Mike, I don’t know how to talk to Elliot. He won’t give them the shares. I know his temper…he will never give it…”

Mike raised his eyebrows and said, “It’s me, I won’t give it either. Why don’t you find someone to do the father and son?”

Avery looked at him in disbelief: “Do you really want to help me?”

Mike said coldly, “Yes! I really want to help you. If you don’t give them money and don’t kill them, then only Adrian will die. Do you think they will pay the legal price for killing Adrian? No! They will definitely find a reasonable reason to cover up their m-urder.”

Avery’s tears burst the dyke again.

Mike took out a tissue and handed it to her and said, “Don’t cry. They just see you as being soft, so they pick you up. You don’t even dare to go to Elliot. But Elliot can’t give money for Adrian either.”

“And if it’s Shea?” Avery asked blankly.

Mike was stunned: “If it was Shea…Elliot would not necessarily hand over the shares. He should choose to kill them like me.”

Avery: “…”

“Avery, What did you mean just now, is it possible that Shea is still alive?” Mike asked.

“Don’t ask. I’m going out. We’re chatting, you’re not allowed to say it.”

“Don’t worry, I’m definitely tight-lipped but I suggest you still consider my proposal.” Mike sent her out of the office.

“Don’t say it, I won’t kill them.” Avery refused.

After leaving the company, Avery drove to the hospital. She wants to test the bag of blood.

An hour later, she got the test results.

Blood sample blood type: RH negative blood O blood type.

Among the people she knows, only Shea and Adrian are this special blood type. So this bag of blood belongs to Adrian.

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