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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1154 by

Chapter 1154

Gwen calculated in her heart that if she earns $20,000 for nothing. She won’t earn nothing if she doesn’t make money.

Even if Ben Schaffer didn’t drink too much, she would still earn $20,000.

She’s not with other men, so Ben Schaffer shouldn’t be too fierce, right?

After receiving the $20,000 transfer, Gwen entered the room.

The fat-headed man said, “Gwen, You go to bed and don’t turn on the light. We’ll bring Ben Schaffer over later. You and Mr. Schaffer should be very familiar, right?”

“I’m not familiar with him.” She dodged her eyes and spoke nervously.

The fat-headed man said, looking her at the time, “Ben took you into his car last time. You’re still stubborn. If you hug Mr. Schaffer’s golden thigh, you won’t have to worry about it for the rest of your life. I will go and see the situation of Mr. Schaffer and you are not allowed to run. Ok.”

“I have received the money, so I definitely won’t run.” Gwen said this, and her heart started to panic.

Ben Schaffer will definitely scold Gwen. Because he has always looked down on her job. She doesn’t want to be scolded. So in a hurry, she went to the bathroom with her bag.

After a while, she was wearing a smoky makeup. She looked at her bold makeup in the mirror and was very satisfied. Ben Schaffer drank the wine, so he definitely couldn’t recognize her anymore.

Just when she was proud of her cleverness, the door was swiped open.

Ben Schaffer was helped in. Tonight was the most he drank in years. He usually claimed to be not drunk after so many cups, but now he can’t even see the road.

After being helped to lie down on the big bed, the person who helped him in quickly left.

After the room was quiet, Ben Schaffer faintly smelled a strong scent of perfume. He frowned irritably and looked aside. He saw that in the dim vision. He could vaguely see a person lying beside him.

From her thick hair he could tell that this was a woman. The woman the builder gave him? It’s just, why is this woman like a dead fish, lying motionless on the bed?

“Hey, turn on the light for me, I want to drink water.” Ben Schaffer was restless, his heart was burning, and he was very thirsty.

Gwen immediately slipped out of bed and went to pour water for him in the dark. When she came to Ben Schaffer with a water glass, Ben Schaffer looked at her dark figure and was stunned!

“Turn on the lights!” Ben roared loudly.

Is this woman out of her mind?

If Ben told her to turn on the light and she didn’t hear it but how did she hear that ben wanted to drink water?

Gwen smelled the alcohol smell coming from Ben and didn’t want to pay attention to him.

Ben was very drunk, and he will wake up tomorrow, and he must not remember anything.

Gwen stood still beside the bed and Ben was burning with anger.

Ben forced his body to sit up and dragged Gwen onto the bed.

The water glass in her hand fell to the ground with a ‘bang’.

The crisp sound aroused the primitive brute force in Ben Schaffer’s body.


Foster family.

After Elliot finished talking on the phone, he began to think about whether he should come forward and take Gwen away from Ben Schaffer.

“Why frown? What are you thinking?” Avery put Robert to sleep and returned to the master bedroom.

“Avery, do you want me to arrange a place for Gwen? She lives in Ben Schaffer, which affects Ben Schaffer’s life.” Ell told her his thoughts, “I didn’t care about her for a while. She doesn’t seem as hopeless as I thought.”

Avery said, “If she seriously affects Ben Schaffer’s life, she must be moved out. If it is not convenient for you to come forward, I will find her tomorrow.”

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