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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1153 by

Chapter 1153

In fact, these days after Hayden went abroad, he had thought about his hatred for Elliot. He hates Elliot’s meddling with his life, and he can’t accept it either in the past or in the future.

But Mike also told him that children have their own thoughts, and parents have their parents’ thoughts.

Although Elliot intervened in his studies, Elliot’s original intention was good. And after he protested, Elliot immediately stopped interfering.

Elliot is definitely not a bad father.

At 9 p.m.

Chad accompanied Ben Schaffer to a dinner party. Because Ben Schaffer was good at drinking and liked to drink and everyone kept toasting Ben Schaffer.

Chad persuaded several times and tried to keep Ben Schaffer from drinking, but Ben Schaffer rejected the kindness.

“I’ve been very unhappy recently…Why should I take in that woman? Because my brain is flooded.” Ben Schaffer complained to Chad in a low voice, “So I need to drink more!”

“Mr. Schaffer, Don’t do this. If you are really in such pain, you can just tell the boss directly.” Chad comforted.

“What did I tell him? I send him information about his sister now, and he doesn’t reply. I didn’t think it would be so difficult when I took her in at that time.” Ben Schaffer didn’t blame Elliot.

“Mr. Schaffer, What are you whispering to Assistant Rayner.” The middle-aged man sitting on the other side of Ben Schaffer raised his glass and wanted to toast, “Let’s come to the bar. I’ve already set up a room for you, go to sleep after drinking. I feel that there are no unpleasant things.”

Chad interjected: “I’ll take Mr. Schaffer back later. Don’t bother you to arrange it.”

“Assistant Rayner, you’ve been drinking and you can’t drive after drinking. I I’ll book a room for you too to Guarantee your satisfaction!”

Chad understood the meaning of the boss’s words.

“I don’t drink and drive, I’m a driver. So you really don’t need to book a room.” Chad clearly refused.

Ben Schaffer was dominated by alcohol: “I’m not going back tonight! I’m going to spend the night outside!”

“Good. I’ve already arranged it for you. I promise you a good night’s sleep.”

Chad Get up in the chair and leave the private room. He was afraid that he would not be able to take Ben Schaffer away tonight, but he was worried about leaving Ben Schaffer out for the night.

He dialed Elliot.

Elliot answered the phone, and after listening to him explain the situation, he said, “It’s not like he hasn’t slept outside. Go home when you’ve had enough. Don’t worry about him.”

Ben Schaffer was almost forty years old, and he was not What an innocent boy, what scenes had never been seen.

“Boss, the builder has arranged a woman for Mr. Schaffer. If I don’t take Mr. Schaffer away, Mr. Schaffer will definitely…”

Elliot said calmly, “You don’t like women, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t like women. You don’t know how much he drinks. Since he decides to stay outside, why should you worry about him.”

Chad told the truth, “Mr. Schaffer didn’t want to go home because of your sister. Your sister didn’t seem to be listening his words.”

Elliot: “He could totally drive her away. Since he didn’t drive her away, he could only suffer.”

Chad didn’t expect the boss to be so heartless.

That being the case, he took a step forward.

In the hotel at VIP suite entrance.

The fat head man persuaded Gwen kindly, “Gwen, if Mr. Schaffer didn’t want you last time, I wouldn’t call you tonight. I gave you $2,000 last time, and I’ll give you $20,000 tonight. Mr. Schaffer drank a bit too much tonight. He shouldn’t do anything to you. This money is nothing if you don’t earn it. I won’t let you accompany other men but you just need to serve Mr. Schaffer very well.”

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