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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1151 by

Chapter 1151

Avery figured it out.

Shea did not hesitate to sacrifice herself to save Robert’s life. Her love for Robert came from Avery’s love for Elliot.

Avery’s feelings for Elliot are no less shallow than Avery’s feelings for Elliot.

If Shea is awake now, she must not want Elliot to be threatened by Henry and his son.

After lunch, Avery took Elliot out of the restaurant.

“Elliot, let’s go outside!”

“Well. How do you usually go shopping with Tammy?” Elliot asked curiously.

Avery often goes shopping with Tammy, and doesn’t come home until evening.

Sometimes she did hair, or manicures, etc., which was more time-consuming. Apart from these, there were shopping and eating. Tammy especially liked to buy bags. She had several rooms in her house, which were specially designed for bags.

Elliot said: “Compared to Tammy, you don’t seem to have much pursuit.”

“Why don’t I pursue it anymore? I hold you firmly in the palm of my hand. Isn’t it a big pursuit?”

Elliot was in a good mood and held her hand and said, “I’ll take you to buy a bag.”

Avery: “I don’t like bags.”

Elliot: “What do you like?”

“I like you.” Avery love words came out, and Elliot was caught off guard, the expression on his face a little unnatural .

“You seem to be a different person when you eat hot pot. You made my mood go up and down.” Elliot frowned slightly, a little confused, “I still prefer a plain life.”

Avery put her arms around his waist and took him to the car and said, “Then we go buy a bag. I’ve been with Tammy many times, and I think the store clerks recognize me.”

The two of them strolled outside until four in the afternoon point home.

After arriving home, Avery asked Elliot to go back to his room to rest. She took out the loot she bought one by one and took pictures for Tammy to see.

Tammy was shocked when she saw that Avery bought so many bags at one time so she sent a message: [Didn’t you say you don’t like bags?]

Avery replied: [My husband bought it for me.]

Tammy: [Tsk tsk, it’s not to show off the bag, but to show off the husband!]

Avery: [Sweetie, I found out today that he really loves me.]

Tammy: [He bought for you a few bags, and you found out that he loves you? ]

Avery: [He said he could give me all his money.]

Tammy: [Oh, then you let him give you all. I only believe that Elliot really loves you so much after giving it all to you.]

Avery: [Anyway, I believe him.]

Tammy: [Avery, something is wrong with you. You don’t like money so much, why use money to measure whether he loves you or not?]

Avery: [I like money, but I won’t be fooled by it.]

After sending the message, Avery felt a sense of loss in her heart. If her company’s market value was higher, maybe Henry and his son would agree to her request.

In the end, it’s all about money.

Avery found Wesley’s number and sent him a message: [Wesley, I’m sorry. I can’t find Adrian. I may not be able to help Shea.]

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