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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1149 by

Chapter 1149

“I didn’t eat spicy food until I was with you. Because you don’t eat spicy food, I changed my taste.” Avery complained, “When I’m not with you, I can eat spicy food especially.”

“Okay, let’s go eat mandarin duck pot.” Elliot was very moved, so he decided to accompany her to eat.


Cole has been swiping his mobile phone all morning, hoping that Avery can contact him again. He thought that Avery was a woman who valued love and justice, and he thought that Shea’s illness would definitely allow Avery to compromise.

As a result, after Avery hung up the phone in the morning, she never contacted him again.

Cole gritted his teeth and said, “I’m wrong. Isn’t she planning to save my aunt? What a ruthless woman.”

Henry was making tea, feeling restless in his heart. He was a little shaken last night. After taking over the Tate Industries and selling it for money, he could sell a lot, and he also avoided a head-on conflict with Elliot.

After their father and son took the money, they could leave Aryadelle and spend the rest of their lives in other countries in peace.

But last night, Cole didn’t agree with Henry’s idea, and he was willing to give up until he took Elliot’s shares.

Henry couldn’t resist, so he could only follow him.

As a result, it ended up in a situation where nothing could be gained.

“Avery can marry Elliot, which shows that Avery is not a good person at all. Elliot puts interests above everything else, and Avery is bound to be like him.” Henry realised, “Avery is willing to take the Tate Industries. Come out and make chips for us, this should be the trump card she can come up with. Don’t think Elliot’s shares.”

Cole gritted his teeth.

Henry drank a cup of tea, his heart was cold and said, “They would rather sacrifice Shea than exchange shares for Adrian’s kidney. You should think about how to make a living next. I want to support your uncle.”

“Dad, I’m really not reconciled. If we miss this opportunity, we won’t be able to turn over again.” Cole put down his phone and said solemnly.

Henry glared at his son then said, “Isn’t it that you don’t want Avery’s company? I inquired about it. If Avery’s company is resold, it can sell at least $3 billion. I was told by someone else that you rejected Avery this morning. If I knew I could sell for so much money, I shouldn’t have let you fool around.”

“You can also ask her for it again now.” Cole blushed.

“Go to her and ask for it.”

“I’m not going. Dad you go. I can’t afford that shame.” Cole refused.

“You bum! You can’t afford to lose that face. Can I afford to lose that face?”

“Then don’t!” Cole clenched his fists, “Actually, we can be more ruthless. Anyway, I only support you, I can’t support my uncle! So…”

Henry’s eyes widened: “What do you want to do?”

At restaurant.

Avery’s cheeks were flushed after eating hotpot for a while, and after a while, her eyes were also red.

Elliot poured her water and asked, “Is it spicy?”

Avery reached out and fanned her face: “I used to be good at eating spicy food, but now I can’t.”

“Then don’t eat it.” Elliot handed the water to her and removed the dishes in front of her at the same time.

Avery took the water, took a sip, and the tears fell down with a ‘swish’.

Elliot was startled.

“It’s so hot, it actually made me cry.” Avery put down the water glass and laughed and unable to control her tears, “Elliot, you said before that everything you own is mine, right?”

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