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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1148 by

Chapter 1148

Avery rushed to the school immediately.

In the classroom, the parents’ meeting continued to open, and Cohen’s mother, accompanied by a teacher who was standing outside the classroom.

“Mrs. Tate, you’re finally here.” Cohen’s mother looked aggrieved, “Your husband is too fierce in front of so many people. He doesn’t give me any face at all.”

Avery: “My husband is indeed a little fierce . But Teacher Rayner sent me a message to explain the situation, I think you need to calm down. We have talked before about my daughter hitting your son. I thought you let it go, but I didn’t expect you to bring it up again.”

But your daughter did not apologize to my son. My son has apologized to Nina.” Cohen’s mother was not convinced.

Avery reasoned with her, “Your son should have apologized to Nina. If your son doesn’t pull Nina’s braid, my daughter won’t beat him. If my daughter make a mistake, she will be punished. And your son is the one who made the mistake not my daughter. Of course my daughter doesn’t need to apologize to your son. I taught her this.”

“It’s really unreasonable!”

“Right or wrong, I believe all parents have a decision. If you continue to make trouble, Aren’t you afraid that your son’s classmates won’t play with your son?” Avery suggested.

Cohen’s mother: “Are you threatening me? Do you want to join other parents to exclude my son? I want to transfer my son to another school.”

“It’s good. The little girls don’t have to worry about being pulled by your son after all. ” Avery smiled.

Cohen’s mother left angrily and planned to find the school leadership theory.

In the classroom, Elliot waved to Avery.

The parent meeting has come to an end, and soon, it will be the parent representative’s turn to speak on the stage.

Elliot decided to let Avery come to stage. Avery entered the classroom, and Teacher Rayner smiled at her: “Next, we will invite Layla’s parents to speak on the stage.”

Everyone immediately applauded. Elliot smiled gently and applauded with everyone.

After Avery came to stage, she said: “Hello everyone, I’m Avery, Layla’s mother and I’m very happy to participate in this parent meeting. Today is the first time Layla’s father has participated in his child’s parents’ meeting and he is very much looking forward to sharing his experience with you.”

Avery finished speaking, took the lead in applauding, and welcomed Elliot to the stage.

Elliot: “…”

In the warm applause of everyone, he bravely walked up to the stage.

After he came to stage, Avery stepped down immediately.

“Hello everyone, I’m Layla’s father, Elliot. I’m very happy to be here today for my child’s parent-teacher meeting.” Speaking of which, his mind went blank. After a few seconds of silence, before Avery appeared in his mind Teach him the formula, “First of all, I have to say to the teachers, you have worked hard.”

Avery: “…”

The lines were very familiar.

“At the same time, parents should help teachers and manage their children well. I hope that things like pulling girls’ pigtails will not happen again in the class in the future. Otherwise, my daughter will not be merciful. My daughter will beat up whoever kid’s mischief at that time, don’t come to us to complain.”

Avery applauded again, indicating with his eyes that Ell could come down.

Ell understood and immediately stepped off the podium.

After the parent-teacher meeting, the two came out of the school.

Avery laughed out loud, “Elliot, it’s the first time I saw you so nervous. You weren’t nervous when you said your vows in public at the wedding.”

“I’m afraid I’ll embarrass my daughter.”

“Layla likes you very much, Even if you’re really ashamed, she’ll stand up for you.” Avery said, changing the subject, “Let’s go out to lunch!”

“Okay. What to eat?”

“Eat hot pot. I haven’t eaten hot pot in a long time. I want something spicy.”

“Are you sure?” Elliot is very picky about food, especially not spicy, “Don’t you like spicy food?”

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