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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1146 by

Chapter 1146

Avery was stunned. She did not expect that the father and son would insist on making such a choice.

Where did their courage come from?

“Why didn’t they listen to the persuasion? Why!” Avery’s eyes were red and her fists clenched. She growled lowly.

“Avery, I’m fed up with being fussy. Since I started my business, I have been compared to Elliot. Everyone thinks that I don’t have the courage and ability of Elliot. I admit that I am indeed not as strong as him. So this time, I’m going to take risks and show my courage.”

“It’s ridiculous.” Avery laughed angrily, “You can’t show courage when you should be courageous, and when you shouldn’t be stupid, you have to show your so-called courage.”

“Shut up.” Cole was ridiculed and said angrily, “Avery, I’ve made it very clear. My dad and I have both thought about it. Shea was seriously ill to save your son, Robert. That is your duty. You go to Elliot and no matter what reason you use. Let him give us one-third of his shares. Otherwise, you will never find Adrian.”

Avery knew that there was no room for change, so she was angry and hung up the phone.

How to talk to Elliot?

Avery can’t speak at all. She had never asked Elliot for money, let alone asked him to give up part of his equity.

Although Elliot had always been generous to her in terms of economics, and had said several times that everything he owned was hers, but if Avery really wanted to ask him for money, and Elliot wanted equity, then Avery didin’t dare.

Avery knew him very well, and if she asked him for money for her own enjoyment, Elliot would definitely give money. But if Avery ask him for money, whether to transfer it to someone else or to someone he hates most, he will definitely not give it.

The first primary school in Avonsville.

Elliot and Layla arrived at the school in time. Elliot was invited into the classroom by the teacher, and Layla was taken to the group activity by another teacher.

After Elliot found Layla’s seat in the classroom, he sat down.

When other parents saw Elliot, they looked at him one after another.

Elliot is a well-known richest person in Aryadelle, and everyone is more familiar with his name and appearance.

After Elliot started his business, he never sat on the stage at any meeting. He wasn’t used to it, but besides that, everyone looked at him like a monkey in a zoo, making him fidgety.

If Elliot knew it earlier, he brought Avery with him. He took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Avery: [Everyone is looking at me, am I too pale?]

Avery endured the pain and pretended to return to him as if nothing had happened: [whoever looked at you, look back. Take out the momentum of your Sterling Group president.]

Elliot always listened to her, so he put down his phone and looked around. Sure enough, after he met everyone’s gaze, everyone was embarrassed to stare at him.

He sent a message to Avery: [I feel that my face is too white. Turned my phone screen white.]

Avery: [A successful man, don’t stare at his face all the time.]

Elliot: […]

But Elliot has nothing to do now.

Sitting in front of his daughter’s small desk, it seems like he is back in school days.

What’s worse, the teacher just told him that he wanted him to speak on the stage as the parent’s representative before the parent-teacher meeting ended.

The teacher said that he sent a message to Avery last night about this.

What’s outrageous is that Avery didn’t tell him.

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