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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1145 by

Chapter 1145

If possible, Avery hopes that their lives can always be so peaceful and beautiful.

In fact, although Elliot is sensitive and suspicious, he is also very good at coaxing.

As long as Avery puts down her posture and is soft on him, he can usually calm down.

When Elliot came out of the shower, Avery took him to bed.

Elliot’s face was still blue and his eyes were angry.

After Elliot lay down, Avery turned off the light.

“Husband, I…”

“Is Adrian more important or me?” Elliot interrupted her.

“Of course you are important.” Avery hugged his body tightly, sniffing the familiar breath on his body, “I just want to do something within my power. After all, Adrian is Shea’s brother. I promise to do it. These will not affect our lives.”

Elliot said, “It has already affected. You said that you are in a bad mood. Seeing that you are in a bad mood, do you think I am in a good mood?”

“I promise that I will not be in a bad mood in the future. His business has affected his mood.” Avery moved to his face and placed a kiss on his cheek, “You have a parent-teacher meeting tomorrow, so you can’t wear a mask the whole time. I’ll cover your face with concealer tomorrow.”


After the reconciliation, the two fell asleep quickly.

The next day.

Avery got up earlier than usual. She promised to cover the scars on Elliot’s face, but when she moved yesterday, she didn’t bring concealer.

Elliot opened his eyes and saw that she was busy in front of the dresser.

“Avery, what are you doing?”

“I’m looking for liquid foundation.” Avery took out all the liquid foundations she brought, and picked a shade that was more suitable for his skin tone, but she could pick and choose and couldn’t find a suitable one, “I forgot to bring concealer, so I could only I covered you with liquid foundation. The liquid foundation is a bit white, I don’t know if it can cover you.”

Elliot heard the words and immediately lifted the quilt and got out of bed.

“Try first.” Elliot put his face in front of her.

“Oh.” Avery opened a bottle of liquid foundation, squeezed some out, and smeared it on his cheeks.

After smearing it evenly, Elliot’s entire face turned white.

“It’s a little white. But the concealer is good, and you can’t see the injury on your face.” Avery asked him to look in the mirror.

Elliot looked at himself in the mirror and laughed at himself: “Little white face.”

“Haha! This is already the darkest shade of foundation I brought over. The others are whiter. If you don’t want this white, then I’ll let the driver go now and buy it. But it’s a little early and the mall may not be open yet.”

It’s not her fault. She has fair skin, so the liquid foundation shades are all white.

Besides, there were almost no other blemishes on her face except dark circles, so she doid not usually use concealer.

“Just use this! As long as you can’t see the wound on your face.” Elliot compromised.

Avery took him to the bathroom to remove his makeup. When he’s done washing, reapply his makeup.

At eight o’clock, she sent the father and daughter out.

After eating breakfast, Avery went back to her room to sleep. Her eyes closed, and after a while, they suddenly opened. She picked up her phone and called Cole.

Cole said last night that he would give her an answer today. Presumably their father and son have already thought about it.

Cole answered the phone quickly.

“Cole, have you discussed it with your father?”

Cole said lazily,”I discussed it with dad. We only need the shares in Elliot’s hands. The rest will not work. Avery, if you really want to save Shea’s life, you should find a way to persuade him. Elliot bowed his head!”

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  1. Why does Avery continue to lie to Elliott? I fear their marriage will be in trouble. More chapters please, as soon as you can. Thank you

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