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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1141 by

Chapter 1141

Avery teased: “I told Layla that you will go to the parent-teacher meeting tomorrow. Because when filling out the enrollment information, the father column was blank. I’m afraid that the teacher doesn’t know who Layla’s father is.”

Elliot was severely punished Heartbroken.

“The news of the two of us getting married a few days ago was on the hot search. Do you think your daughter’s teacher would not know about it?”

“We got married, so how does the teacher know who Layla’s father is? Our marriage doesn’t mean me Your children are yours!” Avery continued to pierce his heart.

“Okay, you continue to send messages and explain it to the teacher.” Elliot said sadly.

Elliot knew that the teacher had long known about his relationship with Layla, because he had greeted the principal since the beginning of school.

It’s just Avery’s behavior that makes him a little sad. Does she still want to have children with other men?

After dinner, Elliot offered to go shopping.

“Is the sun coming out of the west?” Avery looked at him, puzzled, “I know you don’t like to go shopping.”

“I like to go shopping with you.” Elliot corrected her, “You buy things neatly and not picky. It’s the same as me.”

“You just say that I’m going to buy things soon? This is also a manifestation of not like shopping. People who like shopping will choose repeatedly.”

“I want to go shopping for clothes. “I want to be respectful when I go to my daughter’s parent-teacher meeting tomorrow.”

Avery: “???”

“Mom! Let’s go shopping! I’m going too!” Layla said excitedly.

After Avery responded to her daughter, she questioned Elliot in a low voice, “Aren’t those clothes in your closet quite new? Why do you have to buy new clothes?”

“Formal clothes look older.” Elliot explained.

“Oh, I see. You want to look younger.”

“Avery, can you save me some face?” Elliot was helpless.

“It’s okay to pretend to be in front of outsiders. Can you be more real in front of me?” Avery said, asking, “Do you want to take Robert there?”

After thinking about it for a while, Elliot said, “Then go shopping with Robert.”

Avery immediately dismissed the idea: “I won’t bring Robert this time. I’ll buy you clothes first. I’ll take him next time I go shopping. “

After she made the decision, the family of three went out for a walk. Arriving at Commercial Street, they headed straight to the men’s clothing store.

After Elliot tried suit after suit, Layla finally chose her favorite style.

“I saw my classmate’s dad wear it like that!” Layla explained the reason.

Avery couldn’t help laughing: “Layla, your dad doesn’t like to wear the same clothes as others.”

Layla said with an ‘oh’, “But my dad looks better in this suit than my classmate’s dad.”

Elliot was overjoyed, take out the card immediately and went to checkout.

After buying clothes, the family of three went to a nearby shopping mall.

After they bought Layla some toys and hair accessories she liked, it was eight o’clock in the evening.

Because Layla has homework to do, she has to go home first.

After arriving home, Avery saw that Wesley had returned the message. She immediately said to Elliot, “Go teach your daughter to do her homework, and I’ll play with Robert for a while.” After the father and daughter went to the study, she immediately turned on her phone.

Wesley’s reply came into view: From the test results, Adrian’s kidney should be able to be transplanted to Shea.

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