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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1140 by

Chapter 1140

When Avery woke up from the great sadness, the sunset outside the window had already set, and the sunset glowed red half of the sky. She picked up her phone and checked the time.

It’s half past five in the afternoon.

Elliot was no longer in the room.

She took a deep breath and sent a message to Cole: [Did you take Adrian to check?]

After sending the message, the door was pushed open.

Layla’s little face appeared before her.

“Mom, are you awake? Why did you sleep so long?” Layla saw her mother awake and immediately entered the room, “I’m here to call you for dinner.”

Avery put down the phone, lifted the quilt, and sat up.

“Layla, are you still used to moving to Daddy’s house? We still have a lot of luggage in our house. If you’re not used to it, we can go back to our house anytime.” Avery got out of bed and put on her shoes.

Layla sighed, “It must be a little strange. Dad’s house is so big like a maze. But Dad’s house is also very good, and the big house can hold more things. It’s even better if my brother likes it here. “

Avery walked towards the bathroom, “I’m afraid it’s hard for your brother to accept this place. When your brother comes back, we’ll move back in.”

“Oh.” Layla followed to the bathroom, “Mom, our school is tomorrow. The school conduts a parent-teacher conference. Are you going or my father?”

Avery was stunned for a moment: “Do you want your mother to go or your father to go?”

“Of course I want you to go. How beautiful you are.” The corner of Layla’s mouth raised a smile, and then she frowned tangled, “But Dad also wants to go. I don’t want him to go.”

“You want Mom to go because Mom is prettier than Dad? Layla, We can’t judge people by their appearance!” After Avery washed her face, she became more sober, “If your father knew that you disliked him, he would definitely be sad.”

I hadn’t found Elliot’s glass heart before. The longer I get along with him, the more I realize that he is a fragile and sensitive man.

Maybe because he’s getting older?

“I don’t dislike my father’s bad looks. I just think he’s a little serious, and he might scare our teachers.” Layla begged, “So Mom, you should go to my parent-teacher conference!”

“Well! Mom will wait. Go tell your father.”

The mother and daughter came out of the master bedroom and went downstairs.

Elliot hugged Robert and greeted them downstairs with a fatherly smile.

Avery knew what she was thinking by just looking at him.

“Avery, Layla’s parent meeting tomorrow, let’s go together!” Elliot opened his eyes and said to her.

Avery looked at Layla: “How about I go with your dad?”

“But the teacher said that only one parent is required to participate.” Layla wondered.

“I’ll just tell your teacher.” Elliot really wanted to go to his daughter’s parent-teacher meeting, but he could see from her daughter’s face that her daughter wanted Avery to attend.

So Elliot can solve this problem by going with Avery.

“Otherwise, let your father go! Mom has attended your parent-teacher conference several times. But your father has not participated in his child’s parent-teacher conference since he was born.” Avery comforted her daughter, “We are pitiful. Have pity on him.”

Layla laughed with a ‘poof’: “Okay, then let’s pity him!”

The smile on Elliot’s face froze, and he felt an arrow in his knee.

One of the things that he was very happy about was so miserable that Avery said it.

At dinner time, Avery ate two bites, and Cole’s message came back.

She picked up her phone and saw the checklist sent by Cole. She forwarded the checklist to Wesley and asked Wesley to see if the check result matched Shea.

“Eat when you eat, don’t play with your phone.” Elliot said, “Who do you message?”

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    1. I agree, we need more chapters, I would also buy the complete book if I could. I am ready to end this book and start a new one. But I love this novel and hate waiting daily for a short update.

  2. I think Avery should confess and tell Elliot the truth about why she wanted cut the vacation short and what she is doing behind his back. He could help her get Shea a Kidney FAST!!
    Can’t wait for the next update!!! ❤️

    1. I agree. I don’t think Adrian’s kidney is a match. They haven’t tested Elliot’s blood before to see if it matches the twins. I believe Elliot will be the donor of the organ

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