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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1137 by

Chapter 1137

“What does it mean that I don’t know is better than knowing? As long as it is something you know and I want to know that” Elliot shook Avery’s hand and increased his strength unconsciously.

“I told you just now. I didn’t mean to hide it from you. When I went out, you hadn’t woken up yet!” Avery smiled, “I can’t wake you up, can I?”



On the way.

Henry checked the financial report disclosed by the Tate Industries last year. After reading the financial report, Henry said with disgust: “Although Avery’s company is profitable and It is far worse than Sterling Group.”

“Dad, we can’t get the entire Sterling Group! I think Tate Industries is also very good. Isn’t it said that this company is No. 1 in the field of drones? Let’s think about it.” Cole felt happy when he thought of the fact he could easily get.

Henry snorted coldly: “Are you sure you can manage a technology company like this? This kind of technology relies entirely on core technology to win. If the follow-up research and development can’t keep up, it may be overtaken by rival companies. Cole, you are What is it, you don’t know what it is? Even if the Tate Industries is developing well now. When it falls into your hands, it will definitely decline at the speed of light.”

Cole didn’t expect his father to attack him so mercilessly.

“Dad, I can’t beat Elliot, can’t I beat Avery? Could it be that the core technology of the Tate Industries was developed by Avery? Don’t you make fun of it? Avery takes care of the children at home every day and doesn’t care at all. The company.”

“Do you think that Avery will not leave after Avery gives you the company? When her team leaves, she can open another Tate Industries! And her new company will definitely be able to In a short period of time, surpass you!” The more Henry thought about it, the more uneasy he became.

“Then I can sell it immediately after taking over the Tate Industries! With the current value of the Tate Industries, we can get a lot of money!” Cole didn’t want to give up the fact of the Tate Industries, “Elliot How could it be possible to distribute the shares to us? It’s better to take Avery’s company.”

“It’s no wonder you can’t do great things with your brains! If we get Elliot’s shares and then resell them, wouldn’t we get more money than we would get from the Tate Industries?”

Henry’s words made Cole’s blood boil.

“Dad, you’re right. It’s not safe for us to hold the shares of Sterling Group. It’s better to transfer them immediately after we get them. I don’t know how many people are greedy for the shares of Sterling Group.”

“Let Adrian do it first . Check it out! In case Adrian’s kidney can’t be transplanted to Shea, we are excited for nothing now!”

Starry River Villa.

Because it was agreed yesterday that we will move to Elliot’s house next, so after breakfast, Mrs. Cooper started to pack up.

Avery doesn’t really want to move and is used to living here. But now that she is married to Elliot, she can’t just consider her own feelings.

“I knew I would have bought a bigger villa back then.” Avery said regretfully as she packed her luggage.

“You like this neighborhood so much?” Elliot asked.

There are too many people in this community, and he can’t bear to go out for a walk every evening and be surrounded by a group of old aunties.

“It’s not that you like this community, but you’re used to it.”

“Didn’t you live in my house for a long time? Are you not used to living in my house?” Elliot asked back, “If you are not used to living in my house, then we will continue to live there. Here it is. I can find a way to turn your attic into a small fitness room. “

Avery blinked her apricot eyes.

“My attic, are you serious? My attic is not as big as your toilet. How many fitness equipment can I put in it?”

“How about freeing up Mike’s room? I think his room is quite big.” Elliot suggested her again.

“No!” Avery refused without hesitation, “Let’s move to your big mansion. The big deal is to let Mike come to live in your house too.”

“You can call Eric to live at my house, anyway, my house is big enough.” Elliot sarcastically.

Avery couldn’t help laughing: “You’re addicted to being jealous, right?”

Elliot said quietly, “Aren’t you mad at me on purpose? If I find a few women to live with, you can’t just eat dry vinegar like me. I guess you can Peeled my skin.”

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  1. I hate how arrogant Avery towards Elliot. At the end of the day, it’s always Elliot who’s saving her sorry ass. Smh

    1. If it wasn’t for him she wouldn’t be like this. Let’s not forget that he starved her for two days in the beginning and raped her repeatedly.

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