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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1133 by

Chapter 1133

Layla was crazy.

Elliot continued, “Besides the master bedroom, you could control all the other rooms in Dad’s house. Okay?”

Layla nodded frantically.

“When you chased me, you didn’t follow me like this.” Avery satirized him.

“My whole being is yours, not to mention a mere house?” Avery blushed immediately after she said these disgusting words in a serious manner.

And Layla was pushed by the two of them and Robert ran away.


At the same time, Ben Schaffer was slightly drunk after being toasted a few glasses of wine.

“Mr. Schaffer, it’s so boring for us big men to drink! I’ll call a few sensible women here… There are new products tonight.” A fat middle-aged man flattered Ben. North opening.

Ben Schaffer suddenly woke up a little: “No! I should go home after drinking this cup!”

“Mr. Schaffer, don’t rush to leave, someone will bring it soon, You can take a look. I’ve seen the photos. Well, this time the little sister is very pretty!”

Ben Schaffer: “I don’t like too young!”

“Then I’ll find you a more mature one.”

“No! What kind of woman I want, find it myself.” Ben Schaffer has been very sad these days. Gwen lived in his house, he was very uncomfortable. He wanted her to go, but he couldn’t bear it.

Nathan will be sentenced to death soon. Although Gwen is twenty years old, losing her biological father will definitely make her very painful.

Ben Schaffer picked up the glass, intending to finish the glass and leave.

At this time, the private room door was pushed open. A well-dressed middle-aged woman led three slender young women in.

The fat-headed man immediately waved to one of the women: “Gwen, come here! This is Mr. Schaffer, come and accompany Mr. Schaffer for a few drinks!”

Gwen and Ben Schaffer looked at each other, and the air quickly wiped out the crackling fire!

Ben Schaffer’s eyes were sharp, looking at Gwen, who was wearing heavy makeup, not only sober, but also on fire.

Gwen said she wanted to be a model, this is her model path?

When Gwen saw Ben Schaffer, a flash of disbelief quickly flashed in her eyes. Fortunately, she thought that Ben Schaffer was a gentle man and a more amiable elder brother than Elliot. Haha, I didn’t expect his true face to be like this.

Gwen strode to the vacant seat beside Ben Schaffer and sat down.

The fat-headed man immediately poured her a glass of wine and asked her to respect Ben Schaffer.

The moment Gwen took the wine glass, Ben Schaffer grabbed the wine glass from her hand.

“Mr. Schaffer, what’s the matter?” The fat-headed man asked in confusion, “Gwen is a newcomer to our company. Not only is she good-looking, but she is also very beautiful.”

With a ‘bang’, Ben Schaffer put the wine glass on the table. He left, then grabbed Gwen’s hand and strode out of the private room.

After coming out of the hotel, Ben Schaffer stuffed her into the car and scolded her sternly: “Gwen, this is what you said about going to work? Don’t you feel disgusted?! I’m going to call your second brother. Don’t think about it from him in the future. Get a cent!”

Gwen was so frightened that his face turned dark blue, “I’m disgusting, aren’t you disgusting? You are the cleanest looking for women outside every day!”

Ben lifted his hand and scolded: “What a mess! I’m not like you!”

After he finished speaking, he dialed Elliot’s number.

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