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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1131 by

Chapter 1131

Seeing that Elliot figured it out, Avery was very relieved.

The family of three came out of the yard and didn’t go far when they met two aunties for a walk.

When the aunt saw Avery, she immediately greeted warmly: “Avery, are you back from vacation?”

Avery: “Well, you are taking a walk!”

“Well! Your baby is so cute!” The aunt praised Robert, Suddenly looking at Elliot, “Avery, is this your husband?”

Avery glanced at Elliot and responded with a smile.

“Your husband is very handsome, but what’s wrong with his face? Is this jaundice?” The aunt looked worried, and even wanted to touch Elliot’s face.

Elliot immediately took out the mask and put it on.

“No, he has some injuries on his face and is already healed.” Seeing Elliot restrained, Avery immediately said, “Auntie, let’s go for a walk first.”

“Good! Bye!” After the two aunties left, Elliot said glumly: “Are you familiar with them?”

Avery said, “Not familiar! Just meet up! After all, from a community, it is inevitable that we will meet.”

Elliot: “Then how did she know you were on vacation?”

Avery said, “It’s not surprising that they know! Layla takes Robert out to play every evening. Our children are so beautiful and cute. These aunties like our children, so naturally they can’t help but talk to each other.”

Elliot: “That’s it. I thought it was Mrs. Cooper who said it.”

Avery said, “Mrs. Cooper won’t tell them about our affairs. Mrs. Cooper pays special attention to privacy.”

Elliot: “It’s okay to talk about such trivial matters.”

Avery: “But Mrs. Cooper won’t speak out. She is very cautious. Although she is a servant, I think she is more like an elder.”

By the time they came back from their walk, Mike’s luggage was already packed.

“I’m ready to go.” Mike dragged his suitcase and reluctantly said to Avery, “Don’t mess up my room. I’ll check back from time to time.”

“Don’t worry, your room will definitely be reserved. Avery thought for a while and said, “You come over for dinner at night, otherwise Layla will be sad when she comes back at night and finds out that you have moved.”

Mike: “Okay. I can come to eat every night.”

“Okay!” Avery sent him to the garage and whispered, “If you have any news about Adrian, tell me immediately.”

Mike: “I know. I’ll check when I’m settled.”

In the evening, Mike came over for dinner. After seeing Avery, he immediately gave Avery a wink.

Avery was relieved to understand.

After dinner, Avery said that she was not feeling well after eating, and asked Elliot to take the two children out for a walk.

After Elliot took the two children out, Mike immediately took back to his room.

“I directly broke through the communication company’s system this time, and found the specific location of Adrian’s number.” Mike put his hands on his hips, “I’m a bull!”

“I’ve always known your bull. Where is his specific location? I…I want to go and have a look now.” Avery couldn’t contain her excitement.

“Do you think Elliot can let you go out with me?” Mike poured cold water on her, “I’ll go take a look alone later.”

“I’ll send bodyguards with you. I’m afraid of danger.” Avery said worriedly, “Henry and his son have long been stunned. I’m afraid they will do something extreme.”

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