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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1127 by

Chapter 1127

Cole discovered Avery’s plan, “No wonder you said you were looking for Adrian yesterday! It turned out that you wanted Adrian to donate a kidney. You deliberately asked my father and me to donate kidneys, let us both first Panic, and then lead to Adrian… Avery, I have to say, you have a lot of brains!”

Avery said, “Cole, don’t treat a gentleman’s belly with the heart of a villain. Under normal circumstances, You should donate your kidney on your own initiative. But I know that you are greedy for life and fear death, so you definitely don’t want to.”

“Just talk and scold people for what you do. Shea is indeed my aunt, but what has she done for me all these years? She didn’t even tell me a word. You asked me to donate a kidney to her? I don’t give her a kidney until my brain is flooded!” Cole roared.

Henry patted Cole’s arm to calm him down.

Henry had calmed down and said Have a plan, “Avery, Shea is my sister, and I hope she recovers quickly. I can ask Adrian to donate her kidney.”

“Yes! You hand over Adrian to me, and I will take him to the hospital for examination.” Avery didn’t expect things to go so smoothly.

This father and son are quite conscientious.

A smile appeared on Henry’s face, “Avery, I promised Adrian to donate a kidney to Shea, not only because I want to save Shea, but I also have to guarantee their brother and sister’s future life. Shea changed. It’s like this to save your child. So I’m asking, isn’t it too much?”

Avery clenched her fingers. She is naive! How could this father and son have a conscience?

The waiter came with a tray and put the fried dough sticks and soy milk as she ordered in front of her.

“Dad, you’re right. In order to take better care of my uncle and aunt in the future, we should indeed make a request.” The corner of Cole’s mouth rose, in a good mood.

“How much do you want?” Avery held the soy milk cup, her voice tense, “I advise you to think carefully and then quote. I can give you money, but if the price you quote is beyond my range, I can’t satisfy you.”

“You have no money, but your husband has.” Cole reminded.

“Elliot does have money. If you let him know about this, do you think he will give you the money obediently, or will he directly send bodyguards to arrest Adrian?” Avery threatened, “I didn’t tell Elliot about this. I just don’t want to make things bigger.”

“Make trouble!” Henry said ruthlessly, “Avery, I have nothing left now. Don’t try to threaten me with anything! Besides, I have already hidden Adrian. Get up, let me see where you guys go to grab Adrian! Unless you want Shea to die of illness! Otherwise, I want nothing less!”

“What do you want?” Avery said blankly.

Cole said decisively, “One-third of Sterling Group’s shares. It can only be more, not less! You and Elliot owe our Foster family too much!”

Avery sneered, “Why don’t we give it? Do you think that in this world, only your kidneys can match Shea?”

The expressions of the father and son suddenly became extremely gloomy.

This negotiation broke up unhappily.

Avery angrily left the breakfast shop. She walked back to the community. When she got home, she was so hungry that her stomach cramped. She changed her shoes and strode towards the dining room, clutching her stomach.

“Mrs. Cooper, do you still have breakfast? I didn’t go out to eat.”

“Also. Mrs. Cooper hasn’t come for breakfast yet!” Mrs. Cooper looked at her, “Why didn’t you eat outside?”

“When you were in line, got into a dispute with a customer.” Avery casually found a reason, “I didn’t think of eating out immediately.”

“There are indeed many people in the breakfast shop outside this place.” Mrs. Cooper brought the breakfast to the table and comforted, “Don’t hurt your body because of such a trivial matter.”

“Well.” Avery glanced at the time and whispered, “It’s been 8 a.m, why hasn’t Elliot got up yet? I’ll go take a look.”

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