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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1125 by

Chapter 1125

Avery looked at her son’s sleepy face in the video and said, “Hayden, your mother wants to apologize to you. Mom has returned to Aryadelle because of some things.”

“Oh, what happened?” Hayden rubbed Rubbing eyes and asked.

There is a time difference between Bridgedale and Aryadelle. At this moment, Bridgedale is more than 6 in the morning.

“It’s not a big deal, you don’t have to worry. When mom adjusts her mood, mom will go to Bridgedale to see you. When mom goes there, she will tell you in advance.” Avery said.

Hayden: “Well.”

“Would you like to see your brother and sister?” Avery said, turning the camera to the sister and brother who were eating bananas.

Layla immediately pointed the remaining bananas at the camera: “Brother, eat bananas for you!”

Hayden: “Childish.”

“Layla deliberately angered him, “Brother, younger brother can walk. He will still call his parents, mom and sister, but he won’t call you. Are you jealous?”

Hayden: “Boring.”

“Brother, do you miss me? If you say you miss me, then I will go to Bridgedale with my mother next time. ” Layla took the phone from Avery, “Quickly say you miss me!”

‘Dududu’! Hayden hung up the videocall.

Avery took the phone back and said, “Layla, don’t be sad. Your brother must miss you, he just hasn’t slept well yet. It’s only six o’clock on his side.”

“Then why did you make videocall so early? “

“Because Mom can’t wait to apologize to him.”

“Oh, okay! Mom, let’s go eat!”


After the family had dinner, Avery took the child for a walk in the community.

Elliot stayed at home because of the injury on his face.

Layla was pushing the stroller and walking quickly ahead.

Avery followed behind and reminded aloud, “Layla, don’t go so fast. Be careful to bump into someone.”

After she said this, the phone in her pocket vibrated. She took out her mobile phone and saw the message from Cole.

Cole told her that Henry was free tomorrow, and asked you to set a meeting place.

She looked at the message, her brain was running at high speed for a few seconds, and she sent him an address.

When Cole saw the address Avery sent, he immediately replied: [Are you sure?]

Avery: [OK. How about it at half past seven tomorrow morning?]

Cole: [Okay!]

Avery chose to meet at a breakfast shop outside the Starry River Villa. She chose to meet at 7:30 in the morning because Elliot hadn’t woken up yet, and she could take advantage of the time in the morning to send her children to school, and go out to meet Henry by the way.

The most dangerous places are often the safest places.

The next morning, Avery put Layla in the car, and then said to Mrs. Cooper, “Mrs. Cooper, I suddenly want to eat bean curd. I won’t be home for breakfast today.”

“Okay. What do you want to eat next time?”

“you can tell me in advance, I’ll just go buy it.”

“Well. I’ll go to the breakfast shop outside to buy it.” Avery took her mobile phone and went out.

After coming out of the community, she came to the agreed breakfast shop. Entering the store, she saw Henry and Cole at a glance.

She walked over and sat down across from them.

The father and son were obviously relieved to see that she came alone.

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