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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1124 by

Chapter 1124

Avery shook her head without thinking, “I just can’t stay in Rishawaka anymore.”

“Why can’t I stay?” Elliot asked.

Avery said with difficulty, “You told me the other day that you saw Wesley, so whether I took a nap or went to bed at night, I would always dream of Wesley and Shea. I should have been happy on my honeymoon, But every time I wake up from a dream, I feel very uncomfortable.”

Elliot took her into his arms and comforted her softly: “You should have told me.”

Avery said, “Telling you will only make you uncomfortable. Elliot, after a while, you can accompany me to visit Hayden in Bridgedale! I feel a little tired these days.”

“Okay.” Let him explain.”


She took out the things she bought with Tammy in the afternoon one by one from the bag.

I bought clothes for my two children and some snacks.

After Layla glanced at the new clothes, she pulled her and said excitedly, “Mom, I’ll show you a surprise!”

Avery quickly adjusted her mood: “What surprise?”

I saw Layla running to the coffee table, took a banana from it, then walked to Robert who was playing with toys, hugged Robert from the mat and stood up.

“Brother! Did you see the banana in my sister’s hand? Do you want to eat it?” After Layla stabilized Robert, she immediately took a few steps back, “Come over to my sister’s place, and my sister will give you bananas!”

Avery Settling immediately understood what the surprise Layla was talking about.

Could it be that Robert can already walk?

Robert stared at the banana in Layla’s hand, his bright eyes never blinking. He clenched his small fist tightly, then stretched out his arm, and walked towards Layla with a serious face.

He is still young and cannot walk steadily. Every time he took a step, that rickety little body made Avery extremely worried.

Elliot said, “Don’t worry. Even if he fall, it won’t hurt. He went to the fruit plate in the afternoon and wanted to eat bananas.”

But the living room is covered with carpet, so it won’t hurt too much if he fall.

Avery looked at Robert lying on the ground with aggrieved expression, and wanted to go and pick him up, but was stopped by Elliot.

Layla took the banana and put it in front of him, tempting him, and shouted, “Brother, get up quickly! Brother, get up quickly! When you get up, your sister will give you bananas!”

Robert’s face With the expression of ‘Baby is so bitter’, he tried to get up, but he couldn’t get up after several attempts.

He grabbed his little head, gave him a ‘swish’, looked at his parents next to him. His eyes filled with resentment, as if to say, “Why are you two sitting there watching the play instead of hugging me?”

“Baby, help the chair next to you to get up, don’t be afraid, try it! If you get up by yourself, your sister will give you bananas!” Avery encouraged softly.

After Robert hummed a few times, his little hand grabbed the chair next to him and stood up with difficulty!

Avery breathed a sigh of relief. But after a week, her son has changed so much!

The next second, Robert ran to Layla and hugged her body tightly.

“Sister!” The little baby raised his head and wanted to eat a banana.

Layla immediately hugged Robert: “Mom, do you think my brother is very good?”

Avery: “Awesome! It’s mainly because his elder sister is very good, so your brother is also very good.”

Layla usually played with Robert when she came back from school.

Soon after Robert will call his mother and also call his sister.

Layla took Robert and sat down on the sofa, then peeled a banana. One and a half siblings.

Avery was very moved when she saw this warm picture. She took out her mobile phone and made a videocall to Hayden.

After a while, Hayden received the videocall.

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