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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1122 by

Chapter 1122

Avery picked up the water glass and took a sip.

“You are now a famous lady, and I’m just a down-and-out young master of the Foster family.” Cole laughed at himself, “Why do you have to go around in circles with me?”

“I need to see Adrian. I have something to ask him.” Avery put down the water glass and said sternly.

“What do you have to find him for? Although he’s not that stupid, he doesn’t have the ability to take care of himself. Even if I could let you see him, my dad wouldn’t allow it. You are Elliot’s wife, and my dad and Elliot are incompatible.”

Avery sneered, “What’s wrong? Isn’t it because you asked Elliot for his company shares, but he wouldn’t give it? Your father and you are so greedy, and the lions are open to talking. I’m afraid that up to now, you don’t feel that your requirements have anything to do with it. It’s too much.”

Cole raised his mouth and said coldly, “Avery, if you have such an attitude, I don’t think we need to continue talking. Do you really think of yourself as a noble wife? This is Elliot and The matter of our Foster family has nothing to do with you.”

“I am Elliot’s wife. So I am not an outsider about this matter.” Avery was neither anxious nor annoyed, “This is your grandma’s plan, and Elliot is also a victim, Why do you ask Elliot for money? Besides, your grandma gave the money to Elliot, not your father. What right do your father and you have to ask him for money?”

Cole asked, ”My grandma’s money is the property of the Foster family. Besides, why do you think my grandma did the child’s unpacking? You have the ability to show evidence that my grandma did it. If you can’t come up with evidence, my dad and I have reason to suspect that my grandma didn’t know about it. All of this is Nathan’s conspiracy.”

How did Avery come up with evidence?

Rosalie Foster has been dead for several years.

“Avery, what’s the matter with you looking for Adrian? I can tell you clearly that he is in good health and has never been sick. He also eats well and sleeps a lot. After he followed us, he probably gained weight.” Cole wanted to know why Avery was looking for him.

But Avery glanced at him, lowered her eyes, and pondered for a few seconds.

Avery said, “Go back and help me make an appointment with your dad. Didn’t you just say that, even if you wanted me to see Adrian, your dad would not agree. Since you speak completely at home There is no weight, then I’ll talk to your dad directly! You have an appointment, let me know.”

Cole: “…”

The meeting broke up, and Avery drove to find sweet.

The two met at a restaurant near Tammy’s house.

Seeing her sad face, Tammy ordered her a table of food.

Tammy took the gift from her and asked, “What’s the matter? Others go happily on their honeymoon and come back happily, but you go away happily and come back with a sad face. You go out for a week, and the journey will be short. You have to subtract four days, which equals to three days in total.”

Avery nodded: “Something happened, so I came back.”

“What’s the matter?” Tammy lowered her voice, “I can’t tell Elliot. Is it related to him?”

“It is related to Shea.” She had been in friendship with Tammy for many years, and she trusted Tammy very much, so she did not hide it, “Shea is not dead. But she is very ill. She don’t want us to know, because I’m afraid we’ll be sad. She’s so ill, and she’s still thinking about us.”

“Oh my God!” Tammy’s chest heaved up and down quickly, she picked up the green tea on the table, and took a sip, “So, Who did you go to see just now?”

“Cole.” Avery looked at the table full of delicacies and said blankly, “Shea is going to have a kidney transplant. There is a high possibility that the kidneys of ordinary relatives will be compatible. But Henry and Cole will never give Shea a kidney transplant. So I can only pin my hopes on Adrian.”

“Didn’t you say before that Adrian is the same as Shea, very kind and obedient? Then Adrian should agree to donate Kidneys to Shea?”

“Well. The problem now is that I can’t see Adrian.”

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