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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1117 by

Chapter 1117

“Because we are all mortals.” Elliot made a metaphor, “I know you have always had me in your heart, and only me, but when I see you with other men, I can’t help but be jealous. “

Such a heavy topic can be said so interestingly by you. You are really capable.” She praised and thought carefully, “Let’s play outside for a while! The night scene here is very beautiful.”

“Are not you tired today?”

Avery was stunned for a moment, and then responded accordingly: “Then let’s go to the beach tomorrow morning to watch the sunrise! It must be beautiful!”

Elliot: “Are you sure you want to get up early to watch the sunrise?”

Avery nodded and said firmly: “I’ve never seen the sunrise. Let’s watch it together tomorrow morning!”

He wasn’t interested in the sunrise, but seeing that she wanted to see it so much, he agreed.

After wandering outside for a while, they returned to their hotel room.

Because they have to get up early tomorrow morning, Elliot suggested going to bed earlier.

Avery was so sleepy that she wanted to sleep for a long time. But she made an appointment with Wesley to meet at noon tomorrow, and she had to let Elliot fall asleep at noon tomorrow.

So she can only work hard tonight, pull him to stay up late, so that he can be sure that he can fall asleep at noon tomorrow.

At night, after turning off the lights, Avery tossed in bed.

“Husband, I can’t sleep.” Avery resisted her drowsiness, hugged his arm, and acted like a spoiled child, “Will you tell me a story?”

Elliot: “…” His mind went blank. Telling stories, he really can’t.

“Why can’t you sleep?” Elliot wondered.

The two of them played at the beach for a long time this afternoon, and they were very tired.

If she doesn’t pull him to talk now, he should be able to fall asleep soon.

“I took a nap at noon, so I’m not sleepy now.”

“Would you like to play with your phone? I can’t tell stories.”Elliot suggested.

Avery said, “Sing to me, I know you sing well.”

Elliot felt a little uncomfortable.

The two of them had been together for so long, she slept at night, and never pulled him to tell a story or let him sing.

She would only let him stay up late and rest earlier.

Elliot is like her, but the style of painting suddenly changed tonight. Naturally, he wants to satisfy her.

At 12 o’clock, Avery couldn’t stand it anymore, so she let him go. The two quickly fell asleep.

At 5 o’clock the next morning, Elliot’s alarm clock rang.

After he was woken up by the alarm clock, he immediately turned off the alarm clock, and then patted Avery, who was sleeping soundly.

“Avery, didn’t you say you want to watch the sunrise? Do you still watch it?”

Avery was motionless.

Elliot lay down: “Then don’t watch it, just go to sleep.”

After a minute, Avery was in a nightmare wake up.

After waking up, she glanced at the time and immediately pulled Elliot up.

Elliot: “…”

He dared to say that the woman who pulled him to stay up late last night to sing, and the woman who forcibly pulled him out of bed now is definitely not the Avery he knew.

His wife Avery will never let him sleep well. But when he looked at her face, it was clearly true.

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