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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1114 by

Chapter 1114

Avery seemed to have been drained of all her strength and almost lost her footing. She also specifically confessed to Wesley in the afternoon, saying that Elliot was looking for him. Since he didn’t want to face Elliot, why didn’t he hide it?

She looked at Elliot’s face carefully to see if there were any new injuries.

“What’s your expression?” Elliot supported her and sat down beside the bed, “I took the postcard Wesley sent you to the local post office at noon, and asked the staff to check the surveillance on that day according to the mailing time. They contacted me just now and said that they found the person who mailed the postcards, so I went over and saw Wesley.”

Elliot’s explanation made Avery suddenly open up.

Avery said, “So you said that you saw Wesley from the surveillance?”

“Well, otherwise you think I saw him in reality? If I see him in reality, can I come back alone? Elliot tapped her on the head, “Avery, Why are you so confused?”

Avery chuckled softly: “Maybe I want to see Wesley too much, so when you said that just now, my first reaction was that you saw him in person now.”

Elliot said the reason, “If I see him in person, I will definitely bring him over to meet. Otherwise I’m afraid that I will be alone with him, and I won’t help but beat him.”

“Elliot, don’t blame Wesley, okay? Without Wesley, Robert would have died long ago. When Wesley was helping Robert, he never expected Shea to have an accident. He wouldn’t deliberately want to use Shea’s life in exchange for Robert. He’s not that kind of person.” Avery held Elliot’s big palms in both hands, her tone imploring.

Elliot looked at her sincere face, his Adam’s apple rolled: “That’s why I said to bring him to see you, because my reason tells me that I shouldn’t blame him for all the faults.”

“Well, you go to the post office at noon. Do you want to confirm his existence?”

“Yes. After all, there is no signature on the postcard. You think it was sent by him, but what if it is not? I don’t feel relieved if I don’t see him with my own eyes.” Elliot was always suspicious. Especially since this matter is related to Shea, he is more cautious.

Avery asked tentatively: “Elliot, do you think Wesley is still here?”

Elliot shook his head: “It has been several days since he sent postcards. It is unlikely that he is here now.”

“Well, I’m a little hungry. You go take a shower first. After you take a shower, we’ll go to dinner.” Avery reached out to him for her phone, “I’ll send back a video for Layla.” With a subtle expression, Elliot took the phone out of his pocket and gave it back to Avery.

“Go and wash! I’ve already taken out the clothes for you.” Avery patted his clothes beside the bed.

Elliot hesitated, but finally said nothing and went into the bathroom.

Avery turned on the phone and made a videocall to Mrs. Cooper.

The video was quickly connected, and Layla’s little face appeared on the screen.

Just seeing Layla’s expression not very happy, Avery asked. “Baby, why are you unhappy? your mother went to take a bath just now. I heard that your father showed you the sea on our side. Did you see it?”

Layla snorted coldly, “I didn’t see the sea. Dad made Uncle Eric angry.”

Avery was puzzled, “what’s the matter?”

Layla said, “Dad didn’t tell you? Humph! He did something bad, he must be embarrassed to tell you.”

Avery’s face was slightly embarrassed when he thought of Elliot handing her the phone His expression turned out to be because of what happened.

“What did he say about your Uncle Eric?”

Layla said, “I didn’t hear that he was talking ill of Uncle Eric at the time. It was they who hung up the video and Uncle Eric got angry. I just found out.”

Avery’s temple jumped up suddenly.

“Mom, call Uncle Eric and coax him!”

“Well, Mom, you will call him now.”

“Okay, Mom, are you having fun over there? Is the sea really as beautiful as Dad said?” Layla asked curiously.

“Yes, the sea here is very beautiful. It’s a little late today, so I can’t see it clearly. Will your mother make a videocall tomorrow afternoon to show you?”

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