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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1113 by

Chapter 1113

Elliot: “Okay. How about we go out to eat tomorrow?”

“Well. I’m going to take a shower first, and I’m sweating a lot in the afternoon.” Avery walked over to the suitcase, looking for pajamas, “Are we going out at night?”

Elliot: “Let’s go outside after dinner to see the night view. If you’re tired, we’ll come back after a walk.”

Avery: “Okay.”

After Avery went to the bathroom to take a shower, her cell phone rang.

It was Layla who made the videocall.

Elliot took over the video and saw his daughter’s cute and beautiful little face, tenderness in his eyes blossomed.

Layla: “Dad, where’s my mom?”

Elliot: “Your mom went to take a shower.”

Layla asked, “Oh…are you having fun over there? Did you have fun?”

“It’s too small country but the sea view here is beautiful. Dad has seen many seas, but the sea here is the best.” Elliot walked to the balcony and showed her the scenery outside, “Can you see the sea outside?”

Layla: “I can’t see clearly, Dad! Why don’t you go to the beach to show me.”

“Okay, Dad is going to the beach now.” Elliot took the phone and walked out.

Before going out, he explained to the nanny.

Elliot was afraid that he would come back late, and Avery would not see him in a hurry after taking a shower.

After going out, he went straight to the sea.

At this point the sun is setting and it is not so hot, so there are many more people on the street.

Elliot was entangled for a while, and decided to have a good chat with his daughter: “Layla, Dad thinks you should have less contact with Eric. I know he treats you very well and you like him very much, but have you ever thought about it. If he has any plans for you, you will be very dangerous.”

After hearing what his father said, Layla felt a little complicated and profound, so she turned her head and shouted, “Uncle Eric, have you heard what my dad said? Why don’t you come and tell him!”

That’s it, Layla Give the phone to Eric.

Elliot soon saw Eric’s handsome but angry face.

Awkward! Speechless! Scalp tingling!

In order to end the suffocating stare, Elliot hung up the video.

It’s ridiculous, Eric doesn’t have a home, but he stays at Avery’s house, what is this?

Just as Elliot was about to turn back to the hotel, his cell phone rang. He took out his cell phone from his pocket and answered the call.

“Mr. Foster, the results of your inquiry at noon have come to an end. Would it be convenient for you to come over now?”

“Okay, I’ll go there right away.” Elliot hung up the phone and strode towards the post office.

He lost sleep at noon, took Wesley’s postcard to the post office, and wanted to check the day’s monitoring through the time on the postmark.

See if he can find the person who mailed the postcard. He didn’t expect it to come out so quickly.

In the hotel.

Avery came out of the bathroom after taking a shower. She didn’t see Elliot, so she immediately came out of the master bedroom.

“nanny, where did my husband go?”

“Mrs. Tate, your husband asked me to tell you that he will go to the beach and show your daughter the sea.” The nanny replied with a smile, “Your daughter is very beautiful!”

Avery sighed and went back to the master bedroom.

About twenty minutes later, Elliot came back from outside. When he saw Avery, he couldn’t wait to speak: “I saw Wesley.”

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