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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1110 by

Chapter 1110

Avery saw that although Elliot had a smile on his face and he could hear sadness and dissatisfaction in his tone. If she hadn’t sent a message to Wesley, she would have given him the phone.

“I’m chatting with Tammy!” Avery found a plausible reason, “Tammy asked us if we were there, and then we talked about some sensitive topics.”

“What sensitive topics?” Elliot believed her explanation. Still, he was curious about what they’re talking about.

“It’s a topic between women.” Avery said, biting her head. “It’s about trying to conceive. She thinks I’ve had three children and I’m very experienced in this, so… so I don’t want to show you my phone. What if she asks some private question again, how embarrassing!”

Elliot nodded, understanding and respecting her. He picked up his mobile phone and turned on the camera, wanting to show Avery his photography skills.

Avery immediately raised a hand and compared it.

Elliot pressed the shutter, took a photo, and handed her the phone.

Avery took his mobile phone, and when she saw the photo he took of herself, she pursed her red lips and wrote speechless all over her face.

“What? Not satisfied?” Elliot was a little puzzled, “Isn’t it a good shot?”

After taking the photo, Elliot admired it for himself, and only showed it to her when he felt there was no problem.

“Why did you take my face so big? Is my face so big?” Avery pointed the photo at him and showed him, “Did you look at it and see that the whole photo was my face?”

He clicked Nodding: “Is there any problem? Your face is so beautiful, I’m going to set this photo as the wallpaper.”

Avery felt like a thunderbolt.

The generation gap caused by age difference cannot be ignored.

“Don’t!” Avery quickly deleted the photo and handed him the phone again, “Get up, stay away from me, and try to take another photo! Don’t shoot with my face! No matter how beautiful a face is, take it so close. , there is no aesthetic sense! Are you not an architect? Can you show your professional aesthetics?”

He reluctantly got up, moved away from her, pointed the phone camera in her direction, and after pressing the shutter, he took the photo Show her.

“Elliot, are you on purpose?” She was still dissatisfied after seeing the photo. “Although this photo makes my face look small, what about my eyes? Are my eyes so small?”

Elliot was stumped. , “When people smile, don’t their eyes get smaller? Although this photo does make your eyes look smaller, I don’t think it’s a problem with my photography skills…it’s my phone “

Then let’s go out and buy a camera.” She didn’t like taking pictures that much, but she thought it was fun to have Elliot as her exclusive photographer.

Although his photography skills are a bit lousy, listening to him touting her beauty made her heart as sweet as honey.

“I need to change into a nice dress. Be photogenic.” After returning his phone to him, Avery went to the bathroom to change.

Elliot turned on his phone and searched the Internet for shooting tips. He thought that his skills were okay to take pictures of people, but obviously her requirements were a bit high.

Probably her expectations of him were a little high.

Elliot played DSLRs when he was a student, but it’s been a long time, and now he’s a little rusty.

Suddenly, the phone she placed on the bed vibrated and the screen lit up.

A new message entered her phone.

His eyes were drawn to the past –

if it was normal, he might just walk over to look, but today she didn’t want to show him her phone, so he curbed his curiosity.

After about twenty minutes, she came out of the bathroom.

Not only did she get a new dress, but she also put on a light make-up and let down her tied hair.

“So grand?” He walked up to her and held her hand, “If I can’t satisfy you with my skills later, I’ll hire a professional photographer for you.”

“No. We’re here for our honeymoon, Just have fun.” Avery walked over to the bed and put her phone in her bag.

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