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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1108 by

Chapter 1108

She entered the pharmacy and saw that familiar figure dodged into the pharmacy’s bathroom. She looked back nervously, wondering if Elliot found out.

Elliot was standing at the door of the pharmacy waiting for Avery. After Avery turned around, Elliot stepped forward and entered the pharmacy.

Avery’s heart was suddenly up and down, and she was uneasy, but she had to maintain her superficial calm. For some reason, she was afraid to let Elliot see Wesley.

In addition to what Elliot said, he said he wanted to see Wesley, but in fact he was afraid of seeing Wesley. Avery always felt that after the two of them met, a fierce battle was inevitable.

“Get me some medicines for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis and relieving pain. I also need a bottle of iodophor.” After Elliot stood beside her, she said to the clerk.

Elliot raised his eyebrows: “I bought so many medicines again?”

“I’ll try the medicine here. How does the medicine work?” Avery smiled, “What if the medicine here works well?”

Elliot: “You? It’s taking me as a guinea pig.”

“I didn’t let you eat, what are you afraid of?” Out of the corner of her eyes, she kept paying attention to the situation on the other side of the bathroom, and said to Elliot, “You go and pay.”

He took out the Money clip, walk towards the cashier.

After Elliot walked away, the phone in Avery’s bag vibrated. Her text messages have no sound reminders, only vibrations. She immediately took out her mobile phone, turned it on, and saw a message from an unfamiliar number.

[Avery, I don’t know how to face you yet, please give me a little more time.]

Looking at the text message, the peace on her face disappeared. Although the text message was not signed, she knew it was Wesley!

The familiar figure just now was Wesley. He is now in the bathroom of the pharmacy.

They are now only separated by a wall.

If Avery didn’t care about Wesley’s feelings, she would rush into the bathroom with Elliot, pull him out, and confront him!

However, she couldn’t be so heartless.

Wesley once almost sacrificed his life for her. She has never forgotten Wesley’s friendship for her!

And the reason why Wesley pumped Shea’s blood was to save Robert. If Robert wasn’t her son, how could Wesley take such a risk?

Every time Avery thought of Wesley and what he had done for her, she couldn’t stop her nose from getting sore.

Avery quickly replied: [Hide well, if Elliot sees you, I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop him.]

After she sent the message, Elliot just finished the bill and came over with a bag of medicine.

“Why don’t we take the medicine back to the hotel first!” Elliot suggested.

Avery quickly adjusted her mood and smiled at Elliot, “Okay. Didn’t you say you want to be my personal photographer? We’ll buy a camera later.”

“Well. Why are your eyes a little red?” Elliot looked at her red eyes were puzzled, “What’s the matter?”

The two came out of the pharmacy. Avery looked at the flowers on both sides of the street and casually gave a reason: “My eyes are a little itchy, maybe I’m allergic.”

“Would you like to buy some medicine?” Elliot stopped, “Buy some anti-allergy medicine! What if the allergy becomes serious?”

“It shouldn’t be so serious. Wait for me here, I’ll go in and buy a bottle of eye drops.” Avery turned and entered the pharmacy, Bought a bottle of eye drops.

After that, the two returned to the hotel, and the nanny brought afternoon tea.

They booked a honeymoon room with a dedicated nanny, and the current check-in experience is not bad.

Consumption here is much cheaper than Aryadelle, but the comfort is not bad.

During afternoon tea, they took out their mobile phones in a very tacit understanding.

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