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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1105 by

Chapter 1105

Gwen’s crying eyes were red: “My eldest brother has left. He said he doidn’t want to stay here for a second. But I didn’t want to go with him. He didn’t care about me at all. I might as well stay here. …Dad said last night that Elliot would take care of me.”

Ben Schaffer listened to her words, still puzzled: “Since you won’t leave, what are you doing with your suitcase?”

Gwen choked, ” My eldest brother sold the house. I don’t have a place to live now. My eldest brother gave me a sum of money, but I am alone, so I’m so scared! Take me to Elliot, I don’t have his contact information.”

Ben Schaffer was silent.

Elliot had already handed over this matter to him, so it was impossible for him to bring Gwen to Elliot.

Elliot has absolutely no feelings for the Zion and Gwen. He only planned to pay them both a monthly fee, which was considered to fulfill his promise to Nathan.

“Your second brother, Elliot just got married and is very busy. If you have any needs now, just tell me.” Ben Schaffer frowned, feeling solemn.

Gwen was Elliot’s sister after all, so Elliot couldn’t ignore it.

Gwen: “I don’t have a place to live now!”

“I’ll take you to the hotel.” Ben Schaffer said.

“I’ve never stayed in a hotel alone. I’m afraid alone.” Gwen made his request, “If you don’t take me to Elliot, then take me to your house!”

Ben Schaffer took a careful look at Gwen.

Gwen is tall and thin with beautiful facial features and mature looks. Ben don’t know how old Gwen is.

Ben: “How old are you this year?”

Gwen: “I’m 20 this year.”

Ben: “Then you should still be in college, right?”

Gwen: “No. My grades are so bad that I didn’t study after high school.”

Ben Schaffer was shocked: “You didn’t study, so what are you doing every day?”

Gwen: “Dad asked me to watch Adrian at home.”

Ben: “Okay! I’ll discuss it with Elliot and find you a school then you go to school for study!”

Gwen: “Where do I live tonight? If you don’t let me live in your house, then you can send me to Elliot’s house.”

“Don’t make fun of him! If you go to disturb him, you will not pay for your monthly living expenses in the future.” Ben Schaffer splashed her with cold water to wake her up, “You stay at my house temporarily, Ok?”

Gwen: “Okay. As long as you take me in, I will never go to him. I know he has a bad temper. Well, I don’t want to die!” The time passed, and it was the next day.

After Elliot and Avery sent the two children back to the Starry River Villa, they started to pack their luggage and prepare to go out.

Today they are going to Pokomo, and after arriving in Pokomo, they will transfer to anotheRishawaka. Then take a cruise ship to Rishawaka.

Wesley’s second postcard was sent from Rishawaka.

Elliot saw that Avery put a lot of medical supplies in the suitcase, and felt a little guilty: “Avery, we are going on our honeymoon. We are just looking for Wesley by the way. You just take it easy.”

Avery teased him, “You are injured, How can I relax? I touched you lightly last night and you screamed in pain.”

When the two of them were making out last night, Avery accidentally grabbed his back, As a result Elliot cried out in pain.

Elliot had a relatively strong tolerance for pain, which shown how heavy this injury was.

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