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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1099 | Simple Silence

Chapter 1099

Avery was very moved by Elliot’s confession to her tonight.

However, she is also very regretful that the wedding they had planned for so long was ruined in a mess.

Even if the wedding was successfully held at noon today, she would still feel uncomfortable.

Henry is too much. He can expose these scandals anytime, but he chooses today!

“I used to think that most people in life are good people. But some people can always refresh my perception of bad people again and again.” She raised her glass and took another sip.

Tammy said, “You mean Elliot’s eldest brother, Henry, right? He’s really disgusting. Even if Elliot isn’t his brother, Elliot hasn’t been bad to him all these years. I don’t remember any old feelings, really It’s so hateful.”

“If Rosalie Foster was still alive, she would never allow Henry to do this.”

“Well, Avery, don’t be angry. After today’s events, I found that I didn’t seem to have known Elliot before.” Tammy recalled that Elliot was on the stage and looked at Avery’s words affectionately, “I only thought he was a successful businessman before, and money must be the first in his heart, but Tonight, I found out that he is actually a man who values ​​love and righteousness.”

“But God is not fair to him. Anything he encounters on ordinary people may not be able to endure.” Avery put the cup, drank the wine in one go, “I feel very sorry for him. Thinking that he will be charged as a ‘murderer’ in the future, my heart is in a mess.”

Tammy asked Said, “Do you know why he killed Jaxson Foster? Everyone is talking about this.”

“Jaxson Foster abused Shea, if he didn’t kill Jaxson Foster, then the person who died would be Shea.” Avery put down the empty glass and said coldly, “Why do I say God? It’s unfair, because Elliot has not been treated well since he was born. Neither his original family nor the future Foster family have given him normal warmth.”

At 10 p.m., Elliot came to the banquet hall to pick up Avery.

Avery was drunk, lying on the table, babbling, not knowing what he was talking about.

Elliot helped her up from the table and looked at Tammy with cold eyes: “That’s what you said you would take good care of her?”

Tammy shrank her neck and looked innocent, “I said I would send her back to the room, She doesn’t come back. She has to wait for you to pick it up.”

“How much did she drink?” Elliot smelled a strong smell of alcohol on her.

Tammy stretched out a finger.

“A cup?” He was surprised.

Tammy shook her head.

“A bottle!” Elliot took a deep breath, his voice uncontrollably irritable.

“She insists on drinking, what can I do?” Tammy had a headache. “Hurry up and take her away. Although she can’t drink enough, her drink is okay. She was lying on her stomach when she was drunk, and she didn’t make trouble. But Tomorrow she will be uncomfortable.”

If eyes can kill, then Tammy is probably killed by Elliot’s eyes now. Elliot picked up Avery horizontally and strode out of the banquet hall.

Back at the villa, he put Avery on the bed.

She suddenly opened her moist eyes, stared at him without blinking, and asked earnestly, “Husband, are we…are we married today?”

Elliot took off her shoes and looked at her with deep eyes: “Well. What’s the matter?”

“Then…Are we going to have a bridal chamber tonight?”

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