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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1098 | Simple Silence

Chapter 1098

After Adrian returned to the room after drinking water, Cole looked at his father.

Cole expressed his thoughts, “Dad, we can use uncle, Adrian. Avery has a fatal flaw, that is, being soft-hearted.”

Henry listened to his words, pondered for a few seconds, and said, “Why Use him? Your uncle is a fool and he can’t do anything at all!”

Cole squinted his fox eyes and said, “We don’t need him to do anything. We just need to use him to threaten Avery. She must have felt guilt towards my aunt for dying to save Avery’s son. When she treated my uncle, she didn’t even know his true identity. Maybe she came to give my aunt an apology. My uncle treated her.”

Henry said with a solemn expression: “She is sorry to your aunt, but not to your uncle. If you use your aunt to threaten her, it will definitely work. But using your uncle to threaten may not work. Is it possible that we are going to kill your uncle to threaten her?”

“Of course not. Avery will not die. My uncle is dumb, very similar to my aunt. Dad, think about it and this is our last chance. Elliot’s temper is not controlled by anyone at all. Even if we kill Elliot, he will not give us a cent of his property. And he listened to Avery’s words, If we can control Avery, we will control my uncle.”

Henry nodded and agreed with his son’s point of view.

Elliot’s temper is indeed very different from that of ordinary people. If these scandals are used to threaten ordinary people, ordinary people will definitely be willing to spend money to settle things down. But Elliot would not give in.

He would rather lose both than give in to threats from outsiders.

It is precisely because of his courage and tenacity, which is different from ordinary people, that he has reached the peak that no one else can reach in his entire life at such a young age!

“This matter needs to be planned well. If you rashly threaten Avery now, Avery may not be obedient.” Henry said, “Today Elliot was beaten, she must be distressed, let’s wait.”

In the Resort.

Avery drank some champagne.

What happened during the day, and what happened at night, made her emotional ups and downs.

She took a glass of champagne as the waiter passed her with champagne.

Elliot saw that she took a glass of champagne and wanted to dissuade her.

Avery was not good at drinking and gets drunk.

Getting drunk is not a good experience, Elliot was afraid that Avery would have a headache tomorrow.

“I’m happy tonight, I won’t drink any more.” After taking a sip of champagne, Avery didn’t forget to remind, “You can’t drink! You have an injury, so you can’t touch alcohol.”

“I don’t drink.” Elliot looked at her and said, “Avery, didn’t you say you will go back to rest at 9 o’clock? It will be 9 o’clock soon.”

“Oh…then you take Layla back to rest. I’ll play a little longer.” Avery drank With a sip of champagne, hrt cheeks flushed, “You are injured, but I am not. Whoever hurt you, go back to rest obediently if you are hurt!”

Elliot was worried about her. What if he took his daughter back to rest and she went cup after cup?

Avery looked like she was drunk now.

Tammy said, “Elliot, take Layla back to rest. Avery will be fine. Your performance tonight is not bad. Keep it up!”

“If you return at 10 p.m. and don’t go back to the room, I’ll come to you.” After saying this to Avery, Elliot walked towards Layla.

After Elliot walked away, Tammy took Avery’s shoulders and asked, “Avery, what’s the matter with you? Don’t you hate drinking?”

Avery exhaled heavily, “I really hated drinking before, and I didn’t understand why so many people like to drink. Now I understand.”

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