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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1097 | Simple Silence

Chapter 1097

“Once, I thought I would walk the road of my life alone. Until I met you, Avery. You let me know what love is what righteousness is, and let me I know what completeness is. With you, my life is complete. I can’t guarantee that every day will be smooth, but I can guarantee that every day that follows. I will be like this momentarily with all my heart To love you.”

Avery looked at him with a surprised expression, in disbelief!

Because the words Elliot said were completely different from the oath he wrote before!

“I know you must be thinking, why is what I said different from the draft?” He looked at her surprised face and said word by word, “Because what happened today has made you wronged, I am very sorry. So there are a lot of things I want to say to you in my heart.”

Avery’s eyes suddenly became wet.

Although this was not a formal wedding ceremony, it moved her even more.

She took the microphone from him and stared at him and said, “Elliot, I know we are very different. You are like a burning flame, and I am like a piece of wood. But you are not ordinary Fire and will not destroy me. What you bring to me is only unforgettable warmth and touching. Although we often quarrel, I will never forget the changes and sacrifices you have made for me. I will always love you, Until the end of life.” The

Audience was boiling.

“Kiss one! Kiss one!” Everyone exclaimed.

Eric immediately covered Layla’s eyes.

Layla raised her little hand and lifted Eric’s hand away, “I want to see them kiss!” After a pause, she pursed her lips and said aggrieved, “I thought my father didn’t come to marry my mother at noon, and my mother must be angry. I thought the two of them were going to quarrel again, and they won’t see each other for a long time without talking…”

Now that her parents were so loving, Layla was also relieved.


In a rental room.

Henry was sitting on the sofa, swiping his phone and watching news on the Internet.

Cole’s face was swollen like a bun, and he couldn’t sleep because of the pain, so he sat in the living room.

“Dad, things are so big today that it doesn’t seem to affect Elliot.”

Henry said coldly, “How do you know it didn’t affect them? They didn’t even get married. That’s not an impact? If I can’t get the money, I can’t make him feel better. “Don’t think about waiting for the limelight to pass. After a while, I’ll take out these things!”

Cole frowned, “Dad, do we really take his hands from him? Can’t I get the money inside? Even if I can get the old house back! These houses outside are not only expensive, but also of poor quality. Our old house is better.”

Henry glared at him and said, “It’s not that you have no money to spend and you encouraged me to sell the old house? Elliot is so determined that he refuses to give us money, what can we do?”

Cole’s brain started to run at a high speed, and he began to think of a way.

At this moment, Adrian came out of the room.

When Cole saw him come out, he reflexively said, “Uncle, you haven’t slept yet?”

Adrian replied, “I’m thirsty.”

Adrian was with them, although he didn’t receive much care, But they were much more polite to him than Nathan and his son.

After all, Elliot is Henry’s younger brother and Cole’s uncle.

“Uncle, do you have a good relationship with Avery?” Cole suddenly thought of this.

Adrian said, “Avery was very kind to me but I made her angry.”

Avery asked him to live at Elliot’s house, but Adrian was really afraid of Elliot, so he left with Henry.

After that, they have no contact.

“Oh.” Cole had a bold idea in his heart.

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  1. I would like more chapters please You’re only given 1 or 2 chapters that aint good enough where can I buy the book You’re only given 1 or 2 chapters that aint good enough where can I buy the book

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