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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1082 | Simple Silence

Chapter 1082

“Afraid.” Avery didn’t have to hide her true emotions in front of him, “I’m afraid our peaceful life will be broken. This time is the happiest time after we are together. I don’t want to be broken. But I know, it will definitely be destroyed.”

Cole would not appear around here for no reason. He and Henry must have a plan.

Avery has a strong hunch that tomorrow, Henry will reveal all the secrets of Elliot.

The reason why Henry chose to do this tomorrow is that the resort will be the most lively place tomorrow.

Tomorrow, all major media will come over, If the truth will be exposed tomorrow, which will have the greatest effect.

“As long as you and the kids are by my side, our lives won’t be ruined.” Elliot voice was low and magnetic.

“I know we won’t change. But I don’t want you to suffer so much pressure from public opinion. Even if the truth is revealed and even if the vast majority of people think you are right like me, there will definitely be many people who think you are Wicked.”

Avery knew that she was a little greedy. Because she knew that after the truth was revealed, even if he pretended not to care, his heart would definitely be affected. How could Elliot, such a proud person, bear such a scandal being made public?

“Avery, I don’t care what other people think.” Elliot looked at her and said, “I’m not that vulnerable, you trust me, okay?”

Avery nodded: “Elliot, I trust you. I always trust you. Yes, I’m not brave enough myself and I’ll try my best to adjust my mood. Now go and take a shower and I’ll play with Robert for a while.”

“Where’s Layla? I haven’t seen her all night.” Elliot unbuttoned his shirt one by one.

“She’s clinging to Mike! Mike isn’t at home these days. She misses him very much.”

“Well, is Eric coming tomorrow?”

“He has an announcement tonight, saying that he will come when the announcement is over. It may be early in the morning. He told us not to wait for him.” Avery put Robert on the bed, and then brought him pajamas from the suitcase.

After Elliot entered the bathroom, Mrs. Cooper came back with Layla.

Layla was sweating, looking at her pouting, she didn’t seem to have had enough.

“Layla, you smell like alcohol all over you.” Avery leaned over to her daughter and smelled it, then took her to another bathroom to take a shower.

The villa which they live in has four bedrooms and two living rooms, and the two children live here with them.

“Mom, why don’t you and dad go to play? They are playing games, have fun!” Layla, like a well-behaved kitten, stood in the bathtub and let Avery bathe and wash her hair.

Avery said, “Because Mom and Dad are going to get up early tomorrow. If we stay up late tonight, we won’t be able to get up tomorrow. You also have to go to bed early, Mom and Dad won’t have time to accompany you tomorrow”

“Uncle Eric will accompany me tomorrow, I’m not afraid.” Layla looked pampered and fearless, “Uncle Eric said that he would take me to filming in the summer vacation. Mom, I can’t stay at home during the summer vacation!”

“Have you discussed it in private again?” Avery sighed.

“That’s right! Don’t you listen to us? When your brother went abroad, you didn’t tell him. you went to film, and you couldn’t tell me.”

Layla puffed out her cheeks and negotiated with Avery.

Avery said, “When you two grow up, Mom can’t control you anymore and doesn’t want to care about you. Your father said that when you are adults, he will completely ignore you.”

“He doesn’t care about us now. He Just take care of himself.” Layla said calmly.

“Okay, you go to film with your uncle Eric in the summer vacation, and I’ll go to Bridgedale to find your brother.”

“Hmph, can’t you wait for me to finish filming and take me to find your brother?” Layla muttered dissatisfiedly.

“Do you think filming is a family game and can be finished in two days? Since you choose to be a star, you must treat every job well. When you become popular, others will say that you are relying on your father… Look at how angry your brother is.”

Layla whispered, “I won’t be as angry as my brother! If my dad is willing to hold me, I will directly announce to everyone that he is my dad!”

Avery couldn’t help laughing: “You can think about it.”

Layla: “Of course, my father is so good. If others knew that I was his daughter, they would only envy me.”

Avery’s smile suddenly froze: “Layla, if your father someday bad, will you still be proud of him?”

Layla was stunned for a moment, “Mom, what do you mean?”

“Just one day, many people scolded him…”

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