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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1081 | Simple Silence

Chapter 1081

After a while, Elliot sent bodyguard out to find Cole.

“Boss, I went to a few nearby stores to look for Cole.”

Elliot said: “No need to look for it.”

“Okay. I will let my subordinates guard the gate of the resort and make sure that no one who doesn’t matter will be allowed.”


Avery came out after taking a shower in the villa, and was a little puzzled when she saw Tammy holding Robert.

“You brought Robert back?”

Tammy said, “Yes! Someone was smoking. Elliot saw me and asked me to bring Robert to you. I guess the man who smoked was really I can’t stand Elliot! Do you know what Elliot is doing outside with Robert in his arms? He praised Robert so much that he didn’t repeat any adjectives.”

Avery couldn’t help laughing.

“Did you find that Elliot was very excited these two days? What did he praise you for at lunch? This morning, he was holding Layla, and others said that he wanted 100% of Layla. And he kept holding Layla, which led to someone asking Layla if her leg was injured, which made me laugh to death!” Tammy came over early this morning, so she experienced everything firsthand.

Avery analyzed, “Elliot may have been holding back for too long, and he couldn’t help but explode in the past two days. He said that this was the first time his family had entertained so many guests. His career is successful, and everyone knows that. Now he has a happy life. I also want everyone to know.”

“Only when you have lived a happy life, you can be in the mood to show off to everyone. This is good!” Tammy put Robert on the bed, put her hands on his arms, and made him stand, ” Little baby, shout daddy, give you milk.”

Robert pursed his lips.

“Daddy.” Tammy taught Robert, “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!”

Robert pouted again.

“Daddy Daddy Daddy!” Tammy continued to bombard the little baby with ‘Daddy’.

Robert was finally affected, and opened his mouth: “Daddy…Daddy!”

Robert’s voice was clear and powerful. If Elliot heard it, he would probably go crazy right away.

“Avery! Did you hear that! Your son just called Daddy!” Tammy said excitedly.

Avery nodded excitedly: “Tammy, ​​you are still the best. Robert calls his father every day, but he is indifferent. I didn’t expect that he would start shouting when you taught him.”

“Hahaha! It means that your son likes beautiful women.” Tammy kissed Robert’s little face, “Baby, call out Daddy again!”

“Daddy!” Robert was bribed by the kiss.

Less than 10 minutes later, Elliot carried his son back to the room.

Looking at the smile on his face, Avery probably guessed that Robert called him.

“Avery, Robert called Daddy!” Elliot walked up to her excitedly.

She took Robert from his arms.

“Your son will not only call your father, but also trouble you!” Avery pushed Elliot towards the bathroom, “Go take a bath! Go to bed early tonight.”

“Well, I asked the bodyguard to find Cole . It’s been a while, but they couldn’t find it.” Elliot said to Avery before entering the bathroom.

Avery looked at him calmly and said, “It doesn’t matter if they don’t find it. If they really want to do something, we can’t stop it. The big deal is that we will become the laughing stock of others together tomorrow.”

“Avery, aren’t you afraid?” The light in his eyes gradually became colder.

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