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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1079 | Simple Silence

Chapter 1079

Avery lay down on the bed, “Elliot, even if you blow me up outside, I won’t be like what you said. I don’t know how to knit sweaters.”

“They don’t know you, so I want them to know that you didn’t overestimate me.” Elliot wrote all the passwords on a piece of paper, took it, and handed it to her, “Wife, please take a look.”

Avery accepted his reasoning. She took the paper and after reading it carefully, she found, “Elliot social account password is her birthday and The bank card password is Layla’s birthday.”

Elliot volunteered to explain, “Layla and you, Both are the most important women in my life.”

Her cheeks were hot, and she asked, “Isn’t my son important?”

Elliot sit down beside the bed, “It’s not that important. You and your daughter are more caring. Your son will only be angry with me.”

“Robert is not angry with you. You can’t think that your son is not good just because you have a bad relationship with Hayden.”

“I didn’t. I don’t think my son is good. It’s just that I think my son should support himself and not rely on me.” Elliot walked to the window and closed the white gauze curtain, “When they are underage, I can help them. When they are adults, I will not help them.”

Avery asked a question mark: “Even if they are adults, they are not yet twenty years old! Are you sure you will leave them alone when they become adults?”

“If they ask me for help, I will help. If not Please, I won’t help.” Elliot took off his coat, put it aside and hung it, then sat down beside her, “I don’t want our son to become a prodigal like Cole.”

Avery folded the paper with the password written on it and put it in the bag: “Not all the rich second generation are like Cole. Of course, I respect your decision. If the child doesn’t ask for help, you really don’t need to worry too much. It’s like Hayden’s character. He is relatively strong and doesn’t want us to interfere too much in his life.”


After Avery lay down, She hugged Elliot’s body and said, “Are you sure you won’t invite your elder brother? You invited other relatives of the Foster family but you didn’t invite your eldest brother. Will your eldest brother be angry when he finds out?”

Elliot said coldly, “I broke up with him already. I can’t invite him specifically because he knows my secret.”

“Well, it’s fine if you don’t invite. Go to sleep! I’ll call you later. ” Avery said.

After Elliot responded, he quickly breathed evenly.

Avery looked at his tired sleeping face and hugged him tightly.

She remembered that during Elliot lunch today, he changed his usual image of cherishing words like gold and praised her for being in heaven and earth, but he didn’t want her to suffer a little grievance.

After solving the misunderstanding with him, she felt more deeply that this man had a deep friendship for her. In the future, she will definitely not live up to his affection.

In the evening, Avery went home and picked up Mrs. Cooper and Robert.

When approaching the main road of the resort, the speed of the vehicle slowed down. Avery accidentally glanced out the car window and saw a familiar face!

“Mrs. Cooper, does the man in the blue shirt look like Cole?” Avery said to Mrs. Cooper.

Mrs. Cooper looked out the car window and carefully looked at the man in the blue shirt.

“Looks like him! Has Mr. Foster invited him?”

“No. I just asked Elliot at noon today. Elliot said he didn’t invite Henry and Cole.” Avery frowned and murmured, “What is he doing here? and I don’t seem to have seen the man he spoke with.”

“The father and son, Henry and Cole will not do something disgusting when you two get married tomorrow?” Mrs. Cooper frowned, with an ominous premonition in her heart.

Avery listened to Mrs. Cooper’s words, and her calm heart was disturbed!

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