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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1072 | Simple Silence

Chapter 1072

Avery’s calm heart suddenly became cold.

Elliot said, “He was very afraid of me. so he would rather go with Henry than stay with me.”

Avery felt uncomfortable. She said, “Elliot, don’t mention this. we are getting married today. Don’t mention unhappy things.”

She thought about that Adrian returned to Henry. No matter how bad it was, it was better than staying by Nathan’s side.

Adrian is Henry’s younger brother, Henry will never abuse his younger brother no matter what.

Not long after, a team of photographers arrived.

Tammy arrived at about the same time. With the help of Tammy, Avery chose three different shooting themes.

The weather was fine today, and the location shooting went very smoothly.

Originally, one exterior scene and two interior scenes were set. In the end, because the exterior scenes were more relaxed. They shot an extra set of exterior scenes.

Time passed, and it was evening.

Star River Villa.

At dinner table.

“Let’s eat first! Your mother took a wedding photo today, and she couldn’t come back for dinner.” After calling Avery, Mike spoke to the two children.

Layla pouted: “Why not take pictures on weekends? I want to see them take pictures!”

Mike couldn’t help laughing: “If they don’t take wedding pictures, it will be too late for the wedding. Your parents are watching. They ‘re two smart people, but they’re actually very confused.”

Layla: “You know they’re not smart, and being friends with them means you’re not smart either!”

The smile on Mike’s face froze: “Layla, your brother is going abroad, and I’ll be the only one to play with you, so be polite to me!”

“Humph! I have my brother to play with me!” Layla said, looking at Hayden, “Brother, I don’t want you to go abroad.”

Hayden: “We agreed last night. You can’t go back.But your mother won’t necessarily let you go abroad to study. Mom must be reluctant to let you.”

Mike Ridiculously said, “Layla, this is not something your mother is reluctant to give up. If your brother didn’t go abroad, your father wouldn’t dare to enter our house. Besides, your brother is going abroad to study, and when he comes back, he will be better than your father in the future!”

Layla shrugged her head and her mouth deflated: “OK, Now it’s going out to study…”

Mike talked to Hayden yesterday afternoon.

Hayden proposed that he wanted to leave the house. Mike has always doted on Hayden, so he helped him think of a way. That is, you go abroad for study hard.

Hayden didn’t even think about it, and agreed to the proposal.

Mike asked him to think about it again and then tell Avery after he is determined.

Finally, Hayden thought about it for a day and decided to go abroad. He didn’t want to face Elliot, and didn’t want to attend Elliot and his mother’s wedding.

So studying abroad is a good excuse to leave.

At 8 p.m., Avery went home.

Mike told her about Hayden’s decision to go abroad.

Mike said, “Hayden has made up his mind, so you don’t have to stop him. But after he goes abroad, it will not be so convenient for you mother and son to meet.”

When Mike’s voice was settled, Avery’s eyes turned red and she cried.

Mike took a tissue and handed it to Avery and sai, “Don’t cry. Hayden just went abroad to study and it’s not like he won’t come back. Otherwise, it would be impossible for the father and son to make trouble like this.”

Avery didn’t pick up the tissue but she said, “I can’t accept Hayden leaving me but I know that he has grown up also has his own thoughts, and I should respect him.”

Mike comforted her, “Actually, the overseas learning environment will improve him a little faster. I will send him abroad in person, and he will come back when you and Elliot get married.”

Avery had no other choice at all. They had already agreed on it in private, and now, it’s just a matter of notifying her.

At night, Avery was lying on the bed, but tears could not stop flowing out. She planned to talk to Hayden tonight, but Hayden went to bed early.

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