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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1071 | Simple Silence

Chapter 1071

Avery: [The father and son are in conflict again. Elliot used to live in my house, but now he has returned to his own house.]

Tammy: [How can there be a father and son who do not have conflicts. Ask the teacher to arrange more homework for Hayden.]

Avery: [He usually has a lot of homework. I suspect he may not be at my wedding. He has a game and is going abroad.]

Tammy: [If he doesn’t want to participate, respect him! When he’s older, their father-son relationship will be fine.]

Avery: [Well, do you want to come and take a wedding photo with me? Shot at the resort.]

Tammy: [OK, I’ll go look for you after I pack up!]

After sending the messages, Avery looked at Elliot: “Elliot, have you found a photographer?”


“Do you want to take pictures in the water? I saw other people’s wedding photos taken in the water before, so beautiful! Avery’s thoughts began to spread, “I have also seen other people taking pictures on the cliff.”

Elliot: “Are you afraid that you still want to shoot in the sky?”

Avery: “How do you know? Don’t you have a plane? we can take a plane to the sky, and then use the drone to take pictures for us.”

Elliot frowned slightly: “Are you sure?”

Avery thought for a few seconds, and then gave up: “Forget it, let’s take pictures casually, first The marriage is over. We have all given birth to three children. If we don’t have the wedding, Hayden will have to marry a daughter-in-law.”

Elliot sat down beside her and said, “Do you think your son might get married so early? I See that he is not interested in women at all.”

“He is not interested in women now, because he is not yet an adult.” Avery believes that his son is definitely a normal man, “When he is an adult, he will be enlightened.”

Elliot said bluntly, “Not necessarily. Didn’t you say he was like me? Before I met you, I had no interest in women. Otherwise I would have been married long ago, and I wouldn’t have been caught by you.

“Elliot, do you have a degree of narcissism?” Her cheeks were slightly red, and she suddenly remembered the scene of their first acquaintance, “Okay, I missed it at the time. If you hadn’t become a vegetative in that car accident, your mother wouldn’t dare to marry any woman you want. I only admit that you were better than me when we first met, and now, I’m on par with you.”

His deep eyes fell on her red face.

“Now you are better than me.” Elliot complimented her without hesitation. “What you do is more meaningful. You have infinite possibilities in the future.”

“Don’t you have infinite possibilities in your future?” Avery retorted.

“Besides making money, I don’t seem to know what else I can do.” Confusion flashed in Elliot eyes.

Avery leaned her head on his shoulder: “In addition to making money, you can also take good care of your family! It is also meaningful that you spend more time with me and the children.”

“Well. After the wedding, let’s go out for our honeymoon!” Elliot wanted to give himself a long vacation.

Avery didn’t expect him to be so enlightened: “Okay! Where do you want to go?”

Elliot said, “Didn’t Wesley send you a postcard? Don’t you want to go look for him? Maybe we can go and have a look.”

“You want to find Shea, right?” Avery’s head was lifted from his shoulder.

Elliot eyes were slightly red: “Do you think she is still alive?”

Avery shook her head: “If she is still alive, Wesley has no reason not to tell us. Of course, I also hope that she is still alive, even if it is only medically alive, Then at least there is still a chance.”

Elliot said sternly, “If Shea is still alive, even if she knows that I am not her brother, she will not leave me. Adrian chose to go with Henry.”

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