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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1068 | Simple Silence

Chapter 1068

Elliot didn’t ask ‘wha do you want’, but replied directly: “I won’t give it?”

Henry laughed awkwardly: “If my mother was still alive and saw our brothers turn against each other, I wouldn’t know her how do you feel?”

“Don’t use your mother to oppress me!” Elliot scolded, “You and your son killed your mother, where did you come from to mention her!”

“Where did I come from?” Henry’s chest was heaving rapidly, “I am at least her own, how about you? Elliot, how long do you think this lie can last? You have occupied my brother’s life, and now you still want to illegally imprison him for the rest of his life. Is it?”

“Illegal imprisonment?” Elliot was stunned by these words, “I occupy his life? Do you think your mother is innocent? This is a situation that she created!”

“Even if You and Adrian have exchanged, but now that she is dead, I can no longer tolerate this mistake and make mistakes again! Give Adrian back to me! He is my brother! I am not dead yet, I can’t help you to bully Adrian!”

Elliot retorted, “Adrian’s just a fool, what do you want him to do? You have the ability to support an idler now? You and your son’s livelihood are in question. You want Adrian, do you want to use him to threaten me?”

Henry’s eyes were scarlet: “Elliot, you touch your conscience. As your elder brother, have I ever bullied you in my life?! I haven’t! I just want to go back to my own younger brother.Why don’t you give it to me?”

“You dignified president of Sterling Group. Are you still afraid of me as an ordinary person? Even if I don’t take him home, then I threaten you. there is no other way.” Henry continued to roar.

The atmosphere in the living room is like an arrow on the string, ready to fire.

“Elliot, it’s not impossible that you want to continue to use the identity of ‘Elliot’. But you give me Adrian, and I’ll take him home. I just learned about this news in the past two days, and my mood is more complicated. I don’t want to think about other things for the time being, I just want to take my younger brother home.” Henry’s voice was a little lower, with the intention of negotiating.

Elliot looked at Henry’s haggard face, and his past memories flooded on the head.

In the past few years, due to the age gap, he and Henry have not been close to each other, but under the guidance of their mother, the two brothers have lived in peace.

Although he now know that they are not brothers, the friendship over the past few decades is true.

Henry had to take Adrian away, he could not give it, but if he didn’t give it, it would anger Henry.

If Henry really wanted to threaten him, he could threaten him both vertically and horizontally.

Avery went to school in the afternoon.

Regarding Hayden, she don’t do anything just verbally comfort the child that it won’t make much difference.

After Avery arrived at the school, he contacted Daniel’s father through the contact information given by the teacher.

Daniel suspected that the teacher gave Hayden a high score and deliberately suppressed his score, which made his grades not as good as Hayden. If this matter is not resolved, Daniel will always use this matter to stab Hayden.

The teacher’s statement to Avery was that he did not give Hayden a high score on purpose.

So Avery asked the professional class teacher to analyze how to grade Daniel and Hayden’s answers in the qualifying round in front of the whole class.

Hayden’s score is higher than Daniel, what is the reason, and whether it is unfair.

After the teacher finished explaining the reasons for the grading, he said, “Hayden’s father, Mr. Elliot, invested money in our school to bring our curriculum into line with international standards, and it is not only Hayden who has benefited, but all the students in the class. Financial resources and status. If he wants to give Hayden a shortcut, he doesn’t need to let Hayden participate in the qualifying tournament.”

Daniel’s father’s cheeks were red and he said to Avery: “Since the teacher said that his grades are reasonable and fair, then I apologize to you for Daniel.”

“Your son’s words hurt my son, and your son must give it to me in person. My son apologizes. Your son is a treasure, and my son is also a treasure. With all due respect, your son’s mental capacity is too poor. When my son won the second place, he didn’t throw dirty water on your son. ” Avery is welcome in the road.

Daniel’s father’s face was a little ugly.

Daniel reached out and wiped away his tears, and said, “Auntie, I didn’t mean to.”

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