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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1065 | Simple Silence

Chapter 1065

Elliot heard the words, his eyes darkened a bit: “What did Henry do to him?”

“Henry knows about your relationship with Nathan.”

Although he knew that this matter might not be hidden for long. He didn’t expect Henry found out so quickly.

I don’t know what Henry will do next.

Henry knew everything about Nathan. If Henry wanted to tear his face off with him, things would definitely be ugly.

After hanging up, he saw Avery’s call and immediately called back.

“Elliot, are you coming back for dinner tonight?” Avery’s voice came softly.

“Yeah. I’m on my way back. There’s a traffic jam on the road. Did you pick up the child?”

“Yes.” Avery glanced at Hayden, then smiled, “buy a cake and go home! Hayden took the test today. Yes, let’s celebrate in advance.”

“Okay. What flavor do you want?”

“Chocolate cake, but don’t buy too much.” After talking on the phone, Avery looked at Hayden: “I asked your dad to buy a cake.”

Hayden was sullen’s answer.

The next day, the test results came out.

With a three-point ahead from Daniel, Hayden won the first place in the test and qualified for the Hacker Cup.

After the teacher announced the results in class, Daniel collapsed and cried.

Hayden sat next to Daniel, suddenly embarrassed and overwhelmed.

Because Daniel’s emotions affected classroom discipline, the teacher took Daniel to the office to comfort him.

The other students congratulated Hayden for winning the place.

Hayden quickly adjusted his mood.

After a while, Daniel returned to the classroom. He didn’t cry anymore, but the way he looked at Hayden changed.

“Hayden! You didn’t admit that your father was Elliot before! Now I know it! If your father wasn’t Elliot, the teacher wouldn’t give you a high score at all! Obviously our operations are similar, why are you three points higher than me? Just because your father is Elliot, so I have to give you the quota!”

Daniel roared, lying on the table and crying again.

When Hayden heard his words, his face became dark blue. He won by his own strength, not by Elliot!

“I didn’t rely on Elliot!” Hayden roared.

“You rely on your dad! The teacher told me just now! The teacher told me not to argue with you! Because your dad invested money in our school! Hayden! You rely on your dad, you are ashamed!” Grabbing the schoolbag, Daniel strode out.

Hayden suddenly felt cold, and his body trembled uncontrollably.

The classmates around were staring at him, as if echoing Daniel’s words – ‘you rely on your father, you are ashamed!’


Tate Industries.

Avery’s cell phone rang. After answering the phone, she immediately came out of the office and rushed to the school.

The teacher called her and said that Hayden was leaving school. The teacher’s tone was a little rushed, and he didn’t say why Hayden left the school.

Avery rushed to the school as fast as she could, and saw Hayden stood angrily at the school gate.

When Hayden saw his mom, he didn’t even think about it, he just walked away!

“Hayden, Stop!” Avery strode after him.

The teacher caught up with Avery and explained the reason to her: “Hayden took the first test, and Daniel couldn’t accept the result, saying that he was relying on his father, that is, Mr. Foster… Hayden had strong self-esteem, so he was angry. Hayden doesn’t rely on Mr. Foster, he relies on his own strength…”

Avery looked in Hayden’s direction after listening to the teacher’s explanation. She saw that a truck was heading in the direction of Hayden, coming fast!

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