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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1062 | Simple Silence

Chapter 1062

Avery opened the package, and a beautiful red dress appeared in front of him. This was a toasting suit.

Mrs. Cooper smiled and said, “I thought it was a wedding dress!”

“The wedding dress didn’t come so fast.” Avery took out the dress and compared it on her body, “I’ll try it.”

Mrs. Cooper said, “Well, if it doesn’t fit, it’s still too late to change. Avery, do you think time is so fast? In half a month, you will get married.

Avery smiled and said, “I think time is slow, I hope to be with him right away to marry. “

“Ha ha ha! After Mr. Foster moved in, your relationship is much better. “

“Hmm. This speaks volumes about the importance of communication.” Avery took the skirt and walked towards the room.

Probably the injury on May 1st was too painful. After that day, they both cherished each other even more.

At exactly 10 a.m.

A car stopped in front of Foster’s house. Henry got out of the car.

When the bodyguard saw Henry, he immediately informs Mrs. Scarlet.

Mrs. Scarlet strode out.

“Mrs. Scarlet, is Elliot at home? Henry asked politely.

Mrs. Scarlet shook her head: “Not here. What are you doing to him? “

Henry: ” It’s not easy to tell outsiders about this. I have to talk to him face to face.”

Mrs. Scarlet said, “Oh, he’s not at home. And he’s been busy with weddings recently, especially busy. If you’re not in a hurry, why don’t you wait until his wedding is over?”

Henry raised an embarrassed smile: “Mrs. Scarlet, you don’t seem to welcome me.”

Mrs. Scarlet said politely and coldly, “Mr. Foster, what you said is serious. I’m just a servant in the family. I have no right to invite anyone into the house when the master is not at home. If it’s urgent, you can call Mr. Elliot.”

“I’ve called him but his phone is busy.”

“Oh, he’s been really busy recently.” Mrs. Scarlet said.

Henry’s eyes looked towards the villa.

Adrian stood at the door of the villa and wanted to come out, but because there was a stranger, he hesitated and did not move. He has lived here for a few days, and he is no longer as restrained as he was at the beginning.

Mrs. Scarlet treats him very well, not only taking care of him every day, but also taking him around.

“Who is that man?” Henry stared at Adrian without blinking.

Mrs. Scarlet turned back and saw Adrian standing at the door of the villa, and immediately ran over to let Adrian go back to the house.

Henry was even more puzzled when he saw Mrs. Scarlet hiding Adrian so excitedly.

Elliot is extremely protective of his privacy. He would never invite ordinary people to his house.

So what is the relationship between the man just now and Elliot? Why is he in Elliot’s house?

After Mrs. Scarlet asked Adrian to go back to his room, she strode back to the gate of the courtyard and said to Henry, “That’s my nephew. He came to see me. Mr. Foster, please come back!”

Henry: “This is Elliot’s home. How dare you let your nephew come over?”

Mrs. Scarlet felt guilty and spoke very quickly: “I reported it to Mr. Elliot. I won’t bother you anymore.”

After Mrs. Scarlet finished speaking, she turned and walked away.

Henry felt that something was wrong, but he couldn’t pry Mrs. Scarlet’s mouth open and let her tell the truth.

Henry drove home and told Cole about it.

Henry frowned, “Cole, I think that man isn’t easy. If he’s Mrs. Scarlet’s nephew, why is Mrs. Scarlet afraid of letting me see him? You didn’t see Mrs. Scarlet’s panicked look at that time.”

Cole said: “Dad, have you ever thought about a question, Elliot is Nathan’s son, so where is my uncle?”

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