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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1054 | Simple Silence

Chapter 1054

The bodyguard didn’t react for a while, who was the ‘husband’ in her mouth.

“Who is it? Who is your husband?” the bodyguard asked loudly, raising his voice.

Elliot heard the bodyguard’s gruff voice through her cell phone.

Avery’s face turned red with a swish: “Who else is there except Elliot? He and I are getting married soon.

“Okay, take care of him, I’ll just ignore Adrian.”

If Elliot was not by his side, Avery would definitely ask the bodyguard to give Adrian the phone to comfort Adrian. But when Elliot was here, she didn’t dare to do it.

After hanging up, she looked at Elliot.

Elliot had turned his body to his side, his back to her.

Avery put down the phone and leaned towards him.

“Elliot, how do you feel?” Avery said, reaching out and touching his forehead.

Elliot remembered what happened last night, and had a grudge in his heart, so he pushed her hand away.

“I’m sorry, I was wrong last night.” Avery lay on top of him, her voice soft, “Are you hungry? Let me bring you breakfast!”

“Why don’t you go to the hospital to take care of that fool?” His voice was dull come.

“Because you are more important than him.” She pulled his body over and made him face her, “Elliot, look, I put the ring on. The size is just right.”

Elliot looked at her finger with the diamond ring, and in his heart The anger is hard to come out.

He still remembers the words she said in his arms when he had a fever last night.

He believed she was not late on purpose.

It’s just that she and Adrian are bound to be incompatible. She can’t say that she loves him, and then get entangled with Adrian.

Even this entanglement is just out of sympathy and pity.

Seeing his face was cold and gloomy, Avery said, “I know you can’t accept Adrian because he is Shea’s brother. Elliot, you know it.”

Her words made his eyes light up and suddenly became cold.

“Adrian is my patient, so this matter can’t be hidden from me.” She got out of bed and brought him water, “Actually, if Nathan treats him a little bit better, I won’t doubt it.”

“What are you? When did you know?” Elliot gritted his teeth.

She had a complete showdown with him, “I knew it before Nathan came to you. Elliot, I will face this matter with you. There is only one Elliot in this world, and that’s you.”

His Adam’s apple rolled, “Go away, I can’t tell what I feel in my heart”

Avery took a glass of water and walked to the bed.

Avery put the water glass into his hand and said, “I have to snatch Adrian from Nathan. Because Nathan wants to use Adrian to threaten you. Although Nathan is your father, he only treats you as a ATM, and he will not consider your life or death at all. Elliot, I only have one request. Don’t kill Adrian. We can put him in a place where no one can find him.”

Elliot retorted, “Why do you think this world will Is there such a place? Only if he dies, no one will find him.”

Avery was shocked: “Do you have to kill him? Elliot, what if I don’t let him?”

Elliot put the water glass on the cabinet next to him and said, “Do you believe that someone will find him and use him to threaten me? “Do you want to see me threatened? Or do you want all the bad things about me to be seen by everyone?”

“But didn’t you hide Shea well before? We also hide Adrian like this…”

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