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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1053 | Simple Silence

Chapter 1053

Elliot felt very cold. The moment Avery left his embrace just now, his cold body trembled, feeling like he was going to freeze to death.

He couldn’t let her go.

“Elliot, don’t mistreat yourself again, okay?” Avery couldn’t count how many times it was. “Whether it’s you or I, don’t mistreat yourself anymore.”

Elliot was like a scorching fireball, emitting a steady stream of scalding heat.

Avery was in a panic and afraid that Elliot might have a problem.

“Elliot, let me go. I’ll get medicine for you.” Avery pushed his arm away, remembering.

Elliot quickly grabbed her and turned against her.

“Elliot! Do you want to die from illness?!” Avery was scratched by his palm and she felt hurt.

She didn’t want to yell at him, but if she didn’t let him wake up, even if she used brute force, she couldn’t break free from his shackles.

After she roared, the strength of his palm lightened slightly.

But he still didn’t let her go.

Avery sat in front of him, leaving and not wanting to leave, but not wanting to lie down any longer. The two of them were silently confronting each other in the dark.

“I do want to die.” Elliot said, his voice was hoarse.

He seemed to be awake and to be burned out.

Avery was enraged by him, “I won’t let you die! If you die, what will I do with the children?!”

“I will give you the property, and you will live well.” Elliot voice came again, With suffocating despair.

“Why do you want to die?! Just because I’m late tonight…” Avery choked and asked.

“Tired.” Elliot replied.

He wasn’t late because of her, it was just a fuse. He felt that his life was a mistake. It was wrong from birth.

With tears in her eyes, Avery pulled his arm away forcefully and quickly jumped out of bed.

She turned on the light, stood under the bed, and looked at him coldly: “Elliot, I think you have a fever and talk nonsense. Anyone can die, but you can’t! You can’t leave your three children to me to raise alone! If you dare to die, I will go with you! Our children, let them fend for themselves!”

Avery said harshly and strode towards the door!

Elliot raised his head, the dazzling white light made him quickly close his eyes.

The headache seemed to split, and breathing became a luxury.

Before Avery came over, Avery fell into a drowsiness.

The next morning.

The phone rang in the quiet room.

Elliot opened his eyes suddenly. He quickly recognized that it was Avery’s ringtone. He turned his head and saw Avery rubbing his eyes, looking for her mobile phone. After she got her phone on the bedside table, she answered it.

“Boss, Adrian is awake! I’m making a fuss to see you!” On the other side of the phone, the voice of the bodyguard came anxiously.

Avery immediately looked at Elliot.

She saw that Elliot opened his eyes and looked at her with indifference, and she felt cold all over.

Elliot had a fever last night and passed out.

After she fed him a fever-reducing medicine, It didn’t work, so she called his family doctor and asked him to deliver the medicine overnight.

The Doctor gave him two bottles of liquid, and then the fever subsided.

She waited for him to finish the medicine before falling asleep.

So she is very sleepy now.

She said to the bodyguard, “I can’t go there. My husband is sick, and I have to take care of him.”

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