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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1050 | Simple Silence

Chapter 1050

Mrs. Scarlet hesitated for a while, then turned around to get the key.

If the relationship between Elliot and Avery was not about preparing for marriage, Mrs. Scarlet would never have dared to give Avery the key.

Elliot respected Mrs. Scarlet, and did not take Mrs. Scarlet as a person, but Mrs. Scarlet did not dare to do anything beyond her rights.

If Mrs. Scarlet made a mistake and touched Elliot’s bottom line, Elliot would also dismiss Mrs. Scarlet.

Mrs. Scarlet dared to take such a big risk and gave Avery the spare key of his bedroom, but she was sure that Avery would be the hostess here in the future.

After Mrs. Scarlet handed the key to Avery, she looked at her and said, “Avery, go take a bath first! Don’t catch a cold. I’ll go and get some clothes.”

Avery held the key tightly. She glanced at the stairs.

She didn’t know what Elliot was doing now. She didn’t know if she would force her into his room later, or would he be kicked out.

The same moment, the other side.

After the fancy house was snatched by Nathan, Henry and Cole continued to live in the rented house.

In the past few days, Cole went to see several houses, but he was not particularly satisfied.

Henry didn’t want to see the house, he just wanted to know who Nathan’s awesome son was. This matter is like a thorn in his heart. If he doesn’t understand it, he can’t sleep well at night. He printed out the photos of the richest people younger than Nathan on the rich list and kept looking at them.

Cole came out to drink water after taking a bath, and saw his father was looking at those pictures of the rich again, and suddenly became angry.

“Dad, are you crazy?” Cole reprimanded, “Look at these photos, can we become rich?”

Henry raised his head and glared at his son: “I’m looking for Nathan’s son! Why are other people’s sons so promising, and why is my son such a waste? Why don’t you get in my way here, why don’t you go back to your room and reflect on it! “

Cole said, “Dad, You scold me?!”

“Yes. What rubbish are you investing in!” Henry angrily scolded, “If you lose the last sum of money in our hands, it will be quite good Alright! I’ll go and see if I can find a job as a security guard or a cleaner then, and as for you, I don’t have to worry about it anymore!”

Cole’s eyes were scarlet at the words. He does lose what he invests, and he doesn’t want it, but he is really not good at investing.

“Dad, do you really think I will lose all my money?” Cole was deeply shocked.

Henry continued, “If you don’t care about the company’s affairs as before, you won’t lose money. As long as you take care of things, the company will be finished! I can’t blame you either. I didn’t educate you well.”

Tears of pain flowed from the corners of cole’s eyes.

“Don’t cry! It’s useless!” Henry put his eyes on the photo again, “Come and help me see, how could that old b*stard Nathan give birth to such a promising son?”

Cole took the photo, brought it over and said in a sour tone: “Maybe he lied to us. If he really has such a good son, why did he return to Aryadelle recently?”

“My intuition tells me that he did not lie. Otherwise, where would he get the money from? How can he be so arrogant in front of me? When I beat him before, he didn’t dare to move.” Henry rubbed his temples.

After Cole looked at the pictures of the rich people one by one, he wondered: “These people are all on the rich list, why not Elliot?”

“Elliot?!” Henry’s temple jumped suddenly, “How could he be Nathan’s son?”

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